Metatron Light Incubation ChamberWhilst on holiday in France, this August, I received the most wonderful birthday present from the Beloved Archangel Metatron.  I had driven, on the 10th of August, to Lac du Charlain, in South-East France, with my wife and four children, and another teenage friend of the family.

It was a long drive down and a lovely holiday, but by the end of the ten days there and three terrible nights sleep due to our youngest becoming restless at night, my frequency and light levels were certainly becoming low.

I was lying in the spare room of our holiday cabin, unable to sleep in the small hours, and Archangel Metatron came into my consciousness, unexpectedly, as he usually does. He showed me a ‘Light Incubation Chamber’ based on his famous Metatron Cube, and told me to consciously place myself in it to raise my energy, frequency and light levels.  It is a fourth dimensional version of the famous and beautiful geometry that we are all familiar with, and is very much like an etheric sun-bed.

When used, day or night, it will upon request, raise your frequency and light levels to the desired level.
We are all experiencing increased levels of stress, lessons and deep cellular cleansing at present, and this is a lovely and gentle way of getting yourself back ‘online’ when things become a bit too much.
I find that it is most effective when used prior to sleeping.  When you awake in the morning you will feel refreshed, cleansed and ready for your day.


Make sure that you are showered, bathed and relaxed. Tempting though it is, try to avoid caffeinated beverages after 6pm at night, as they tend to disturb your sleep patterns.

An hour before you go to bed, ask Archangel Metatron to prepare his Light Bath for you.

If you are in peaceful surroundings, you may be aware of a gentle current of light running through your body. Relax and allow this to be. Archangel Metatron is the Primary Source of Pure Light available to Humanity, and an absolute expert in Light Quotient building.

Once in bed, or in your receptive state, state the following, either aloud or mentally.


Archangel Metatron, please now place me within your light bath

Visualise yourself lying horizontally, completely relaxed, on a bed.

All around you are pillars of beautiful, golden, glowing light.

These are all around you, in precise geometric locations. You are lying directly within the centre of a Metatron Cube. It is the size of an average bedroom and has more than enough room to fit you comfortably within the centre.

Close your eyes, and imagine yourself and every cell of your body, becoming pure, Honey Golden, Liquid Light.

Feel Archangel Metatron’s beautiful, divine presence, as he places his hands upon you. All your stresses, strains and worries dissolve as the Archangel pours his frequency through every cell of your being.

As you become more relaxed and more immersed in his Light, you will notice that the room is becoming brighter. This does not disturb your relaxation. You become more at ease. Archangel Metatron is simply amplifying the Light Quotient of your bath to precisely suit your needs.
You will never be ‘overcooked’ or receive more light than you individually require.

Ask Archangel Metatron to dissolve anything within your body, aura, or fields that you know has been an issue within the course of your day, for example, anxiety, any fear that you may be running, physical issues ( i.e. headaches, injuries, any other ‘body stuff’).
Feel his golden light flowing through every chakra, opening them and spinning them at a fifth dimensional frequency.

Finally, ask Archangel Metatron to hold your perfect level of Light Quotient within your body and fields at all times, day and night.

Thank him. Relax and sleep.

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