Programming your crystalsSomething occurred to me last night as I was looking through new information and also work that has already been released.

As the Aquarian Age crystals start to flood in, containing their magical properties and connections, very soon we are going to be well on the way to operating within a crystal powered society again. Just like Golden Atlantis.

Most Souls with an interest in spiritual matters over the past decades, leading up to this point in time, have used crystals in their many forms to assist all facets of their activities.

Energy cleansing, gridding, channeling, the list goes on.

As most of us know, this is only scratching the surface of their future potential within our lives.

Part of my job, at present, is to bring through Ascension and protection technology that was used in my incarnation in Atlantis.

Some of the activations I have brought through are fairly lengthy, and on some occasions may be inconvenient due to individual time constraints.

Some Souls will be familiar with this, some wont.

Simply program a Quartz crystal with anything you wish to use daily, on a personal level, and activate it on your request to ‘repeat the recording’

I will use my Blue Star Seal as the perfect example.

Take a piece of clear quartz, the most neutral and programmable quartz available, and ask the Diva of the Crystal to retain the information that you are to present to it.

Cleanse or/and bless your Quartz Crystal.

Announce to the Diva of the Crystal that you wish to use this crystal for a protection program input.

Read out the Seal aloud, holding the quartz in your right hand.

Hold the clear intention of programming the quartz with this.

When you have finished, ask the Crystal Diva to retain the information in perfect, high frequency format for regular, future use.

Bless the Quartz, and say thank you.

Your crystal is now programmed with your vocal and mental vibration and intention.

The next morning when you wish to refresh your Seal, ask the Diva to ‘activate Blue Star Seal’.

It will do so in precisely the format that you placed within it.

It really is that simple.

Just to be sure, and especially while we still mix our vibration with Third Dimensional frequencies, keep your crystal Violet Flamed, and re-program it whenever you wish to alter the format of the input or program.

Your Quartz has the ability to record an infinite number of programs, just ensure that you have kept each one clear and separate.

Love and blessings <3

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