IMG_0259-0.jpgToday marks the opening of another powerful fifth dimensional portal here on Earth. These events happen continuously with varying degrees of intensity, but since the Blood Moon shift we are truly entering the higher flows.The Summer months gave us a high stream of action energy that allowed many on the Master pathway to build new bridges. The vibration that we are integrating now is one of complete reform.

How many of you are feeling stuck and bogged down? This is completely normal considering what we are really doing in our physical bodies.

During the waking day we are creating a new program of spiritual awareness for ourselves, and laying the foundation for many others to follow. Alongside that, we are changing at the very core of our structure.

Our DNA has begun to change. Changing from the limited string of the previous paradigm, to the expanded version of ourselves. Carbon based life forms are becoming reliant on a clean source of energy, and this is the first step.

As we attend to clearing our physical vessel of unnecessary junk, our spiritual bodies expand way beyond our rational comprehension. At night, many of us are attending to the many jobs and assignments that we have agreed to do. This can leave us with that increasingly familiar ‘inter-dimensional jet-lag’

Between now and the Full Moon on Christmas Day we are being invited to slow down and integrate. This can prove challenging for those of us with commitment and busy lifestyles, especially as time now moves as fast as we wish it to!

The next Full Moon is the final and most illustrious fanfare of 2015. Our year ends with the opening of the Cosmic Christ-Consciousness portal, and this will bring the highest of the divine frequencies yet to Earth.

Preparation is everything, and so is knowledge. When this light arrives a larger layer of the fifth dimension anchors here on Earth and it is our job to keep step.

The Full Moon peaks in Glastonbury UK at 11.11 am and the planetary Heart Chakra will anchor and distribute this light throughout the 5D matrix grid. Those of us tuning into this event will also have the opportunity to integrate these higher flows.

The numerology of the GMT is no coincidence either. Use this gateway to change whatever may need to be altered for the higher good of all.

Many of us on the Master pathway have now established who we are and why we are here.

During the creation of our Universe, the Halls of Amenti were built by Metatron and Shekinah to house the knowledge that we accumulate during our incarnations.

Every one of us serving the Light here will have their own room in the first level of Amenti and it is now time to access this again.

There are physical entrances to Amenti found at the foot of the Sphinx, Stonehenge, Maccu Pichu and the Tibetan mountains. As the Earth rises in vibration many more sacred sites becomes access points for the Halls.

Your personal room in Amenti will be filled with your spiritual heritage. Nearly every soul on Earth has at least one Master lifetime in physical, most of these occurring during the era of Golden Atlantis.

Entrance to the Halls of Amenti is dependent on your physical vibration and the integrity of this sacred space is kept by the Guardians of Anubis.

At the fall of Atlantis, Anubis took the role of guarding the information that we had accumulated and has kept it safe until we needed it. The gates must be approached with an open heart that is filled with pure intentions.

This invocation will start the process for any of you who are called now to re-enter this sacred space. Use it before meditation or sleep and see where the flow takes you.

“ I (name) call to the angels and the dragons of Atlantis to guide me to the Gates of Amenti.

To Anubis I now offer my heart to be weighed for purity and light.

To The Keepers of the Seven Gates I now state my right of entry to the Halls of Amenti.

In the name of Source, under the Law of Grace, I now reclaim my heritage and bring my light to the Matrix of Earth.

It is so” (repeat three times with power and intention)

Much love, Tim/Thoth 12/12/15

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