The Aquarian Ascension EnergyThree Lunar cycles ago, I had an idea to start a co-operative group activity that would be very similar to practices used in the height of Golden Atlantis.

This as most of you will know is the Aquarian Ascension Energy, or Full Moon Healing Pool as it started off as.

In the 1500 year period that spanned at the peak of the spiritual frequency here on Earth, the Atla-Ra and others holding the Light in Atlantis, managed and maintained an upper Fifth Dimensional vibration that set a glorious benchmark in the Akashic records.

As we are all aware, Atlantis was a 240,000 year long experiment conducted in a Third Dimensional frequency, to see just how high humans in ‘solid form’ could go under the conditions of polarity.

Now we are rapidly returning to that frequency once again, this time on a planetary level, and permanently.

The Aquarian Energy is living, concious, existing proof that spiritually minded HUman beings have the power to co-create, extremely powerfully, energies that have ability to change vibrational structures for a ‘higher version’ of the previous.

The reason why I write this, apart from being overjoyed to be working with like minded souls once again, is due to message that I received from my SIStar, Gia Lily Ganger, asking me to confirm the existance of a second pool of energy above the Great Pyramid in Giza.

I naturally thought ” Ooh, I wonder if its the Aquarian Ascension Pool?”, and lo and behold, it is.

Archangel Metatron, who is co-or donating the ascension plan on this planet holds the ascension energy for this in a Great Pool above the Pyramids, that is distributed in stepped down form to us all as we progress through the layers of the ascension process that we are all currently undergoing.

When the Full Moon/Aquarian Pool was initialised, I asked him if he would harvest and refine the energies created and hold them at a Ninth Dimensional frequency for later use.

This is the second pool.

The Walking Masters of Earth, YOU, created this, and according to the information I and my friend received, it has transcended any initial expectations that I had of it.

The Aquarian Ascension Energy is unique in many respects.

It represents with its frequency, the facets of Pure Unconditional Love and Divine Feminine energies that Gaia and all that live on her move into.

It is a mixture of golden white and multi-coloured rainbow energy that grows with creationary power, and pure love, with every minute that passes in our New Age.

In Golden Atlantis, the Mahatma Energy was created using the same method of application/intention/manifestation, and all this time later, we are still using it to heal, reform, personally progress and alter the frequencies of ourselves and situations for the Higher Good.

I can now confirm also, having made a co-operative decision in harmony with the wishes of Archangel Metatron, that the Aquarian Ascension Pool is now open for INFLOW (adding energy with intention) at all times, and not just on Lunar Cycles.

It is also ready to be called upon and to be used by anyone, at any time, with the intention of using this energy for the Higher Good of humanity and planet Earth.

It’s unique Love filled structure is extremely powerful, and being held at Ninth, will naturally be stepped down to suit the needs of each individual recipient.

This is the invocation that I use for direct focus and manifestation of this energy.

I ‘name’ choose to accept and integrate a full unification of The Aquarian Ascension Energies into my Fifth Dimensional Crystalline Cellular Matrix.

Thereby allowing a full, open radiation of my Divine Ascended Self in service to Gaia, Divine Will and All That Is.


Love, Light and Aquarian Blessings to All


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