IMG_2734.JPGThe Archangel Chakra Jewels
Stellar Gateway Golden Beryl

Soul Star Ruby

Causal Moonstone

Crown liquid gold

Third Eye Emerald

Throat Sapphire

Heart Pink Star Diamond

Solar Plexus Yellow Sapphire

Naval Fire Opal

Sacral Rose Quartz

Base Hermiker Diamond

Earth Star Pure Silver
Our ascension process is fully underway now, our four energy bodies merging seamlessly with our fifth dimensional merkabah and our glorious Higher Selves.

The new chakra column descends from above, under our souls direction, and once it is in place and anchored, the energetic process is nearly complete.

The chakras that were in place since the fall of Atlantis, are pushed in a downward motion until they reside in a column below our feet. A glowing testament to the lessons that we have overcome in the process of remembering who we really are.
The teams that are tirelessly helping Earth and its inhabitants, still have a massive task on their hands.

Archangel Metatron is in charge of the ascension process, and would like to present a gift to assist with the anchoring of the fifth dimensional chakras.

Ascension can only take place when all of the previous lessons and karma have been fully dealt with and released.

In many circumstances, Grace is now being offered to many souls who are ready to make the jump to living in Unity Consciousness.

The Archangel Chakra Jewels are a divine gift to assist with the anchoring of each new chakra.

Beautiful, precious stones and crystals form on our planet containing a specific energy and consciousness, and we have worked and revered them since time began.

Each of our new chakras is governed by an archangel in charge of its development. These archangels all have chosen a gem or crystal that represent their energy at a fifth dimensional level, and are offering to place this etheric gift in each chakra. This will have a profound effect in retaining this energy permanently, and speeding up our personal ascension process.

Once in place, the chakra will glow with stunning ascension energy.


1.Prepare for meditation.

Sit quietly, in your favourite spot, and call forth to the mighty Fire Dragons.

Ask them to clear your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies of all frequencies that you wish to be rid of.

Be specific, they are very thorough.

2. Call to the Legions of Anubis to hold your space and fields in the highest integrity. You will be surrounded by loving protection while you meditate.

The Legions of Anubis have been serving and protecting humanity for millenia, and work closely with Archangel Michael and his angels. Anubis appeared in Ancient Egypt in a physical body, and is the guardian of the secrets of Atlantis.

3. Call to Archangel Metatron and ask him to activate your fifth dimensional chakra jewells.

You may sense him now, above you, activating your Stellar Gateway.

4. Archangel Metatron touches, and lights up your stellar gateway. Within it, he places a beautiful, multi-faceted Golden Beryl, a stunning, rare gem.

Your chakra lights up bright gold, connecting you to the universe.

5. Next, Archangel Mariel moves close to you. She touches, lights up and activates your Soul Star.

Within it, she places a beautiful blue-hearted Ruby.

This gem glows bright maroon, but changes to an electric blue when moved in the light. It represents the energy of your Soul Star. Feel this chakra glowing with these colours and activating your spiritual gifts and talents.

6. Archangel Christiel is now with you.

She places a stunning, shimmering Moonstone in your activated Causal chakra.

You are fully connected to the eternal and vast realm of the divine angelics. Feel them flooding around you holding you in the highest love.

7. Upon the top of your head, Archangel Jophiel is touching and opening your Crown chakra.

He is pouring pure, liquid gold into it, opening the 1000 petals as the knowledge of the universe pours into you. The liquid gold forms a crown, your fifth dimensional soverienty.

8. Archangel Raphael is placing his index finger on your third eye, activating this chakra at a high frequency. He places a shimmering emerald inbetween your eyes, fully activating your personal gifts and talents.

9. Archangel Michael now touches, lights up and activates your throat chakra. He places an electric blue sapphire within it. Your power to speak your innate truth and wisdom is aligned with your higher self.
9. Archangel Chamuel touches and opens the 33 petals of your heart. Fully open, he places an astonishing Pink Star Diamond within it. Your heart is the basis of all that you are as a fifth dimensional master. It glows with the pure love of the Cosmic Heart. Feel this extend to all sentient being on Earth, and extending around the universe.
10. Archangel Uriel touches and activates your Solar Plexus.

Within it, he places a glorious yellow sapphire, the rarest of gems. It radiates pure golden light, and connects you to a stream of pure knowledge of one-ness, peace and security. You feel the love in every living thing radiating back to you.
11. Archangel Gabriel is now working on your Naval chakra. Glowing like your own sun, he now places a radient Fire Opal within you, illuminating your power to be at one with others.
12. Next, he is activating and cleansing your Sacral chakra. Within it, he places the lightest and most high frequency Rose Quartz you have ever seen. It is shaped as a multi-faceted heart, and you feel all of your relationships and experiences melt into a perfect blend of higher understanding. You are at one with yourself and others, and ready to experience pure love.
13. Archangel Gabriel is now activating your glowing, platinum base chakra. Within it, he places a pure, clear, Herkima Diamond. This melts and merges with the bright swirling platinum, infusing it with his energy.

You are grounded, secure, and full of clarity.
14. Archangel Sandalphon is now working on the Earth Star chakra below your feet.

It is a mixture of black and white, but as he activates it, it becomes a swirling mixture of bright silver.

He places within it, a shimmering and grounding liquid silver ore. This activates magnetically, bonding you with Mother Gaia. You now feel the magnificent resonance of your entire planet within you.

You are One.
15. When you are ready, thank the Archangels for their gift.

Thank the fire dragons, and Legions of Anubis.

Open your eyes, and feel yourself glow.

Spread your love and light. ?

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