The Cosmic-Diamond Violet FlameAs Lightworkers, most of us are very aware of the presence of the Violet Flame.

The Violet Flame is one of the many potent tools available to us to assist with clearing of density and slower moving ‘heavy’ vibrations that exist simply due to the polarity of Third Dimensional existence.

It is a lot more powerful and versatile than many Souls give it credit for, and when applied under the correct circumstances, it can quite literally transform any form of recipient into its higher expression.

The Violet Flame, along with some of the other spiritual tools, was withdrawn from service at the fall of Atlantis.

It was dispensed again, quite recently as the collective consciousness of HUmanity reached a high enough frequency for it to be used for the highest good once again.

Examples for its use include simple spiritual hygiene, such as keeping ones aura and fields clear, right through to being sent to Global areas where there are pockets of conflict and heavy karma.

It can be used to facilitate a healing within relationships, and sent back ‘in time’ to dissolve past life situations that are in need of healing now. Quite useful really.

Archangel Zadkiel/Amethyst and St Germain co-operate together to Cohen this beautiful frequency, and represent it from their position in service to the Divine Plan on Earth.

As we have risen in frequency on Earth over the recent decades leading up to the point in time, more facets of the Violet Flame have been made available.

You may remember it merging with the Silver Ray of Grace not so long ago to become The Silver Violet Flame.

There was then the addition of the Gold Ray of Wisdom also, creating the Gold Silver and Violet Flame.

The previous all still exist, but this is an extremely expansive energy and now we have an even more powerful version available.

The Cosmic Diamond Violet Flame is now fully accessible, and the name reflects the beautiful Cosmic Diamond frequency that we are moving into.

Visualise it as a beautiful liquid diamond, glowing with the Violet Flame within.

Here is just one of the many ways to invoke the Cosmic Diamond Violet Flame.

I AM the Cosmic Diamond Violet Flame.

I AM the Flame of Mercy

I AM the Flame of Joy

I AM the Flame of Transmutation

I AM St Germain

I AM Archangel Zadkiel’

As Within So Without

As Above so Below

Enjoy! Love and blessings, Tim.

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