The Fifth Dimensional ChakrasThis is a post that I placed on Facebook at the end of September, but I feel that it is important to send it out again, particularly in these times of accelerated Ascension evolvement.

Our entire body systems are changing, very quickly, and merging with our Fifth Dimensional Crystalline Blueprint, this we all know.

I have noticed, and continue to notice, that many Souls continue to refer to the Third Dimensional chakra colour system, particularly in visual art.

Although some lessons continue to remain within this chakra system and it’s representative colours ( red, orange, yellow etc), the fastest way to get the new system established is to consciously apply the new one.

The Third Dimensional colour system has served us all well, but is now moving out of focus, unless an individual Soul is choosing to stay in the sphere of Third Dimension learning after HUmanity and Gaia have fully ascended.

These are the new chakra colours, as brought through by Diana Cooper.

There are five new ones that were shut down at the fall of Atlantis, and these are now active again.

It is very important that they are consciously used and acknowledged!

I name them in descending order, and also the Archangel in charge of their progression.

There is an mp3 download in the ‘invocations’ section of my website, for anyone that wishes to purchase the spoken version of anchoring these new chakras.

  • Stellar Gateway (Archangel Metatron) Radiant Gold.
  • Soul Star (Archangel Mariel) Bright Magenta Pink
  • Causal (Archangel Christiel) Pure White
  • Crown ( Archangel Jophiel) Pure Crystal
  • Third Eye (Archangel Raphael) Pure Crystal
  • Throat (Archangel Michael) Royal Blue
  • Heart (Archangel Chamuel) Pure Radient White, mixed with swirls of pink.
  • Solar Plexus (Archangel Uriel) Bright Radiant Gold
  • Naval (Archangel Gabriel) Tangerine Orange
  • Sacral (Archangel Gabriel) Beautiful Soft Pink
  • Base (Archangel Gabriel) Bright Radiant Platinum
  • Earth Star (Archangel Sandalphon) Swirls of Black and White. Sometime Grey.

As I have written before, the descent and integration of the Fifth Dimensional column ceases when it comes to an existing chakra with an active lesson occurring.

A lot of the remaining lessons at present are all based in the Sacral/Base,”letting go and letting flow”, and represent the ego association with security, love, prosperity and so forth.

As Within So Without

As Above So Below

Love and Blessings <3

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