The Golden Flame of AtlantisA few months ago, I shared an invocation called the Water of Light.

This was a channeling via Archangel Ariel that I have always used to add Light to food and drink.

My good friend Polaris AB commented very shortly after I posted, and asked ‘do you have an invocation for food, this one refers specifically to water?’

I do, it is called The Golden Flame of Atlantis.

Back in the High Frequency times that our continant existed in, the people blessed, or passed a high frequency energy, using the Power of Intention, into everything around them.

Thus raising the vibration of everything within their sphere of existance.

This was particularly applied to their food and drink, as the essence of everything placed within the physical vessel, creates the physical vessel.

All food throughout Atlantis was created from source, grown from scratch on organic land untainted with chemicals or mass production.

We all had exactly what we needed when we needed it as co-creation with Source was very much applied to daily activities.

One way of quickly raising the frequency of anything edible was called the Golden Flame of Atlantis.

This was applied through either Third Eye intention or spoken verbally.

The Golden Flame is a Fifth Dimensional energy that is now available to everyone once again, now that the frequency of HUmanity is high enough.

The method of application of this beautiful energy is very simple..

Visualise your food or drink glowing a vibrant, sparkling gold and use this invocation.

Divine Source, I (Name) now call upon The Golden Flame of Atlantis.

I now request that my food and drink, the fuel of my physical body, is raised to a sparkling Fifth Dimensional frequency.

I live in complete gratitude to Gaia for all I receive.

Thankyou. It is so

As with the application of all energies accessable from the Higher Realms, all you need is your invocation and intention.

Enjoy <3

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