The Invocation to a Trillion SunsWe are ascending, and so is the planet that we have chosen to incarnate on.

Since the 1st January, the intensity of the energies that we receive has doubled again, completely collapsing major facets of the previous paradigm.

This has affected not only our everyday existence, but the vibration of the spirit world that is contained within the structure of the holographic fabric around us.

We walk shoulder to shoulder with different spectrums of reality, and much of this is becoming more tangible on a daily basis.


To be in human form now means to adapt and evolve, spiritually and physically.

No matter what our level of wisdom, consciousness and perception, every body is taking in the vast increase in light. Wave after wave are waking up, some gently, others with a crash of realisation.


The human vessel is changing on a structural level.

We are moving from a carbon based life form, to one that reflects the intensity of the light that we shine.

The seven chakra system that has served the third dimensional learning process is completely redundant, and has been replaced with the twelve chakra system, the ascension chakras.

In reality, this system was always present, but was inoperative. It is now lit up, and fully anchored in many, giving the opportunity to fast track through lessons that would normally have taken decades to master.


Our DNA is changing in harmony with this too. The so called junk DNA that Earth scientists have puzzled over is activating, moving us from two strands, to the vast potential of twelve strands.

Many are starting to feel their limitless potential.


One of the main catalysts for this physical change has been our beautiful Sun.

It acts as a portal for the light that is released from Helios, the Great Central Sun, and is stepped down into the dimensional space that we exist in.

The Sun portal is expanding, or increasing daily, to allow this flow of light to be integrated at an acceptable level.

Sun flares, photonic particle showers, and powerful astrological alignments all lend to this process, and it continues to increase as we move through the start of our new year.


To assist our bodies with the change, many are feeling prompted to change their lifestyles, eating habits, and ways of everyday being. That’s just the start.


The single core aspect of the ascension process is based around the four body system receiving and utilising a specific percentage of Light.

When the overall quotient hits 79%, the activation starts.

This is then worked with and built upon until the upper levels of 5d, and by 85%, the ascension Lightbody is in full effect.


One amazing thing that I have noticed is the amount of souls already holding this percentage, and the majority don’t even know it.

We have agreed to live in a state of Walking Mastery. Holding our physical forms, whilst traversing initiations and lessons that would have once turned us into a puff of smoke.

This is the shape of things to come.


Contained within our amazing bodies are roughly 37 trillion cells comprising ‘us’.

Each of those cells are lit up now with our ascension blueprint, and they are doubling their intensity to form a ‘light version’ of themselves. Our fields, our fifth dimensional Merkabahs, extend around us for up to 20 miles. Unity consciousness is taking on a very physical reality. Most of us now share Etheric space with many others around us.


As light bearers, I believe that we have not taken responsibility not just for ourselves, but for those stepping in higher roles.

Every molecule of light we emit, every thought, creates and re-creates the dimensional fabric around us.

This is the fourth dimension. We create to evolve.


There are so many ways to achieve this process. Every soul-path, choices and skill set is completely unique.

But Light is the core of this process. Light comprised of the frequency of pure love and Christ Consciousness itself.

Lighting up another being is as simple as it gets. Illuminate yourself, and the energy of others around you rises to match the octave, sparking the ignition of their own divine blueprint. Cellular Chime.


Every cell of your bodies is an individual Sun. Blazing golden light.

Sit quietly, relax, breathe deeply, and see this.

See trillions of cells within lit up with the light of the Solar Core. And carry this for every waking step of the day.

Know that you are completely limitless, and this is just the start of a process that is being watched with with joy and excitement from every planet, universe and dimensional space around us.


There is no invocation to speak here today.

YOU are the invocation.


Happy Friday everyone! Much love ❤️

Tim/Thoth 16/1/15

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