Just to verify the speed of ascension evolution occurring upon this beautiful world, a new version of the Violet Flame has been anchored and made available this morning.

 The Violet Flame has gone through several layers since its re-introduction to our world a short while ago, and every time it does so, it indicates the level of deep shifting that has been achieved here in the hologram of fourth dimensional reality.

Those moving between fourth, fifth and sixth dimensional states on a regular basis will have already noticed the intensity, and the fine tuning of the energies as blend into the Solstice inflow.

The Violet Flame is a frequency harvested from the Breath of Source and utilised to bless our physical and non-physical realities.

The Lilac Fire of Source is the highest and finest that has come to us yet, and will increase our ability to alchemise density into the highest expression of energy available.

Bless every though, word, action, place, soul and activity with this Fire as we move through the coming times.

All is Flow.

As Within So Without

As Above So Below

The decree to utilise this is very similar to the previous, and intention to manifest the energy is instant.

I Am The Lilac Fire

I Am The Flame of Mercy

I Am The Flame of Joy

I Am The Breath of Source

I Am St Germain

I Am Archangel Zadkiel

I Am A Walking Master

It Is So

Happy Thursday everyone. Enjoy! ❤

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