Thoth's Instant SunOne of the most beautiful aspects of our new dawning age, is the spiritual gifts that are being returned to those responsible enough to use them.

During the Golden Era of Atlantis, the highest frequency period ever achieved on this planet, there were a multitude of tools available to the Priesthood and aspiring spiritual initiates, to keep their personal frequencies pure and clear, and that of their surrounding areas.

Homes, temples, land, water and food were kept at a sparkling fifth dimensional vibration, by the continual vigilance of those that chose to live at a higher level.

As a result of this, everyone benefitted from this for a period of 1500 years, until the Atlantis experiment devolved again for the final time. When this happened, the tools available along with the advanced twelve chakra and DNA system, were removed from the hands of Earth souls. Until now.

The frequency, and collective consciousness of the Lightworker team, has now risen to the point where responsibility can now be given back again.

Thoth, the High Priest and King of Atlantis for many incarnations throughout the 240,000 years of its existance, was particularly fond of energetic tools, and very good with their use and application.

One example of this is the Blue Star Seal, that has already been returned and shared on a high level.

Another was a gift to him by the Great Atlantean Master Voosloo, and is called the Instant Sun.

The Instant Sun is a chakra based, energetic instalment, or device that is used around a person or an object.

As its name suggests, it is Sun or Helios energy that when activated, creates a ninth dimensional ball of light frequency around the activator.

The Instant Sun is extremely powerful, and versatile, and is perfect for keeping one’s frequency pure and clear, particularly if functioning in a high density area.

It can be as large, or small, as required. This is completely down to the Master that chooses to activate it, and it will remain online until it is ‘turned off’ or collapsed.

The Instant Sun is activated from the Solar Plexus chakra, as opposed to the Soul Star with the Blue Star Seal.

When it is de-activated, the core is returned in an inert state to the centre of the Solar Plexus, where the nucleus must then be disposed of by either the Unicorns, or Archangel Uriel who governs the development of this area.

This technology is a gift, and will only be dispensed to those who intend to use it for the purposes of assisting themselves and the development of the planet. Masters Voosloo and Thoth are presenting this to you now, as the higher collective have now accepted responsibility for the progress of this beautiful world.

This is a visualisation to receive the Instant Sun, and to learn how to use it for yourself.

Prepare for meditation

Find yourself a quiet spot out in nature, or meditate in your usual room at home. Ensure that you will be undisturbed.

Visualise your 12 chakra system lighting up, and activating at a fifth dimensional frequency.

  • Your Stellar Gateway, 18 inches above the top of your head, glowing bright gold.
  • Your Soul Star, six inches below that, glowing bright magenta.
  • Your Causal chakra, shining like the moon, just offset behind your head.
  • Your Crown, glowing crystal gold.
  • Your Third Eye, crystal clear but shining with a clear emerald light.
  • Your Throat, royal blue.
  • Your Heart, pure white with soft pink touches.
  • Your Solar Plexus, pure gold.
  • Your Naval, radiant orange.
  • Your Sacral, the softest pink.
  • Your Base, shining, swirling platinum.
  • Down below your feet, the cobalt grey of your Earth Star.

As they all glow with your mastery and magnificence, visualise and intend them to become a unified column of light, stretching up to the core of Helios, the Great Central Sun, and downwards to be anchored into the core of Hollow Earth.

Invoke the presence of the Great Master Voosloo, and the Mighty Thoth.

Feel them join you as you sit quietly, radiating your ascended frequency.

Say aloud, or in your mind

I now gratefully accept my gift of the Instant Sun

Master Voosloo now places a bright golden ball in your Solar Plexus chakra, gently smoothing the energy into place.

Feel it vibrating and glowing.

Thoth now places his hand gently upon your Crown, and speaks words of activation. You feel your chakra column thrum with a new energy from your head to your feet.

You thank them both, and they leave you.

Either aloud, or in your mind, say,

Instant Sun, activate!

Around you, glowing with divine force, is a high frequency Sun.

Feel it dissolving all density, thoughtforms, lower emotions, or cords and attatchments that are not in alignment with your Master vibration.

Notice that anything that attempts to enter your space, without your permission, is immediately turned into a higher light.

Feel your aura and your fields expand into this Sun, become one with it.

Use it to send radience and light to your immediate surroundings.

When you have meditated with it for a short while, and explored its frequency, say

Instant Sun, collapse

Observe as it instantly deactivates in upon itself, taking all remaining traces of density with it.

Call now upon the Unicorns and Archangel Uriel.

Feel them gently remove a tiny diamond from your Solar Plexus,  and visualise it dissolving before you in a shower of sparkling light.

Thank them.

Sit quietly for a few moments, observe your pure clear energy.

Feel your fifth dimensional frequency radiating out for miles around you.

If you so choose, activate another Instant Sun to continue to hold your fields in the highest integrity.

Smile, breath, and open your eyes.

You are truly blessed.

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