Visualisation for PurificationThis is a visualisation with Archangel Gabriel and Metatron to assist with the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual purification that is occurring with souls on this planet.

This meditation will assist with the acceleration and clearing of this, enabling you to stand calmly within your own light and radiance.


During the day, prepare yourself for purification. This can either be walking consciousness of your situation, complete awareness of your purity, or you can make specific efforts to keep your system calm and clear.

Spend time in nature. Breath deeply. Drink plenty of water. Eat light, healthy, natural foods. Avoid caffeine.

Sacred Space

Choose your favourite meditation spot. This can be your usual meditation sanctuary, somewhere quiet and out of the way, or it can be any room of your house where you will be undisturbed.

Light candles, if you wish to do so. Four is ideal, one in each corner of the room.

If you have a piece, place some quartz in the centre of the room.

– Call in the mighty Archangel Michael. Ask him to hold your fields in integrity and clear any density from your sacred space.

– Call in the firedragons to remove any further frequencies that Michael cannot quite reach.

– Invoke Archangel Zadkiel to fill your entire room, and your aura, fields, bodies and chakras with the Cosmic Diamond Violet Flame.

– Relax as you are drenched with this beautiful frequency

– As you sit comfortably, with your eyes closed, surrounded by the shifting, dancing, transmuting energy of the Cosmic Diamond Violet Flame, you become aware of a change in your surroundings.

You are sat within the spacious geometry of a shining, radiant diamond.

– Within this diamond, you are being gently doused with a downpouring of drops of pure, white light.

As you sit there, these drops of light run over your skin, down your arms and legs and surround you with a pool of bright, irredescent whiteness, that as you become aware of it, slowly starts to spread.

Still within your diamond, you are now floating on a beautiful, moonlit lake.

All is calm and peaceful, you can hear crickets singing softly on the shore, not so far away from you.

Your inner knowing tells you that this is no normal lake. You are blissfully floating on the Aquarian Ascension Pool, recently created by the accumulated focus of high frequency souls on Earth in preparation for Earths Ascension.

This pool contains the highest vibrations available right now, it is truly radiating at a ninth dimensional frequency, lighting up all around it.

You become aware of your diamond capsule gently dissolving, immersing you in the tranquil liquid light.

You turn and float on your back, the full moon blazing above you in all it’s divine glory.

You are completely at peace, absorbing pure Christ Light into every cell of your body.

As you float, relaxing and deeply meditating on your inner thoughts, you become aware of a presence next to you. It is as white, magnificent and radiant as a thousand moons.

It is Archangel Gabriel himself, and he is communicating with you gently, using the power of your knowing. No words are spoken, this is a time of utter peace.

He is letting you know that it is time to release anything that is holding you back from achieving a fifth dimensional frequency within your physical life, and he has a special gift for you.

As you continue to lie there, blissfully floating, you are aware of all of your twelve fifth dimensional chakras glowing radiantly within, above and below your body.

Archangel Gabriel skillfully places a shimmering diamond within each of them.

Your Stellar Gateway, bright golden orange.

Your Soul Star, radiant magenta.

Your Causal, pure moon white.

Your Crown, radiant crystal with a hint of gold.

Your Third Eye, clear crystal with a touch of emerald.

Your Throat, bright royal blue.

Your Heart, glowing white with shimmering pink.

Your Solar Plexus, vivid gold.

Your Naval, bright warm orange.

Your Sacral, shining soft pink.

Your Base, liquid platinum.

And finally, your Earth Star, a swirling hematite grey.

As he completes this work, your chakra column becomes a unified beam of bright white light, extending endlessly in both directions from your head and your feet.

It then starts to spread outward, through every cell of your body, your internal organs, your subtle bodies, your aura, your fields, until you are a unified being of utter purity, merging and blending with the pool of pure love around you.

As this occurs, you become aware in your state of Oneness, that your purity is spreading from the pool, carrying the frequency from you to everything around you, activating a cellular chime of love and Christ Consciousness .

You imagine the whole of planet Earth glowing like the pool around you.

Finally, you begin to become aware of your diamond forming again around you.

You start to float lazily towards the shore.

The sound of crickets and nightlife become gently louder.

When you reach the shore of the Aquarian Ascension Pool, Archangel Gabriel places his hand upon your diamond, and you thank him graciously. You then become of your surroundings melting and  changing.

You are sat back in your meditation spot, glowing, breathing and radiating purity.

Call upon Archangel Metatron, and ask him to bring forth his column of ascension light.

Feel it coming down from his base in The Great Central Sun, through your Monadic Presence, down through your twelve diamond filled chakras, and into Hollow Earth.

Now ask Archangel Sandalphon to anchor your frequencies and ground you.

Finally, call upon Archangel Michael again to surround your purity and hold it in integrity at all times.

Open your eyes, and be ready to spread your pure white light.

Love, light, blessings and abundance.

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