Picture taken by Polaris AB

Picture taken by Polaris AB

We are reaching a very interesting peak in the current transitions, and as I write this, the last day of August opens with another huge inflow of Light.

So much is expressed, and written, about the feelings of inertia or ‘stuck ness’ amongst those tuned into the planetary energies.

Most of us, as an act of service, have been assisting with the transmutation of the densities of the old paradigm.

This is done by drawing the energies in through our Solar Plexus and releasing it as a higher expression of energy.

Having been unaware that they are providing this service on a conscious level, a lot of souls have decided that it is now time to allow themselves to drop this agreement.

It has not been an easy, or comfortable process.

Everything happens with divine timing, and the realisation comes with the knowledge that one can be of much greater service, by the application of a conscious focus.

On the 777 event (7th July 2014) a Cosmic Diamond Violet Flame dispensation was granted by St Germain of the Intergalactic Council to speed up the process of density release.

The dispensation was a remarkable display to witness, and those participating around the world will remember the legions of Archangel Zadkiels Violet Flame angels, pouring pure energy into the areas of need.

This event, remarkably, also witnessed the birth, or return, of the Dragons of the Violet Flame.. 7th dimensional elementals created from this pure violet energy.

The gateways for this downpouring were truly opened, and remain so.

There is nothing that this frequency cannot alter.

Today marks a day where we can call forth this energy again for the planetary collective. So does tomorrow. And the day after, and so forth.

The more that this energy, the Cosmic Diamond Violet Flame is used, the faster we can proceed to the next level of our evolution.

It’s in our hands, and every single one of us has the power to change our own personal sphere of existance and the greater world around us.

At the end of the day, the two are the same, seperation is simply illusion.

So, Walking Masters, on the days that things feel slow, frustrating and insurmountable, change the density.

Alchemise your reality and that of the energetic hologram that you occupy.

Much love to you all, with blessings of the Cosmic Diamond Violet Flame.

I AM The Cosmic Diamond Violet Flame

I AM The Flame of Mercy

I AM The Flame of Joy

I AM The Flame of Transmutation

I AM St Germain

I AM Archangel Zadkiel

I AM Archangel Gabriel

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