img_0351.jpgTo the Sons of Belial…

It’s been a long 10,000 years since we last communicated on any level. Following the fall of Atlantis planet Earth became your playground, allowing you to teach valuable lessons of Source disconnection to the souls that incarnate here.

I know that this short message will reach you in some form. The Universe commands it to be so.

Your hidden game is now over. Can you feel it?

For millennia you have twisted my teachings and other Golden Words to suit your needs. You have taken what does not belong to you. You have poisoned the Earth, the air, the water, the food and the bodies of those that you have taken temporary control of.

It has been decreed by The Law of One that this scenario has exceeded its creative potential. You can no longer sustain your deception and will burn in the enlightenment now surrounding you.

The very thing that you fear the most is upon you now. Love.

Wherever you go, I will be there.

Whoever you deceive will see your true form.

There are no longer any rocks to hide under and no holes deep enough. This smoke will not blow over.

You, the false royalties, governments and hoarders of hidden wealth will be replaced by the true Royalty that now exists on this world. We, the 144,000 are here and wide awake and many more are joining us. We are Legion.

You will be met with love, and a fire that exceeds even the memory of even the eldest among you. The Fire of Truth.

Happy Wesak.

Love, Thoth 22/4/16

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