img_0275.jpegThe stars of Sirius exist in the Canis Major system and have long been the fascination of astronomers, both ancient and modern. The combined light of Sirius A and B as a binary star appears to our naked eyes as a single and bright point of light.On a spiritual level, Sirius is an intricate part of our lives and ascension process here on Earth. The seventh dimensional Halls of Learning are found here and the majority of souls on the ascension pathway attend the Sirian Universities at night to prepare for life on Earth.

Lord Kuthumi and Lord Kumeka both hold high status at these Universities, providing the curriculum for aspiring souls to learn and grow on the illumined Inner Planes.

There is a third star in this system called Sirius C. It has been recognised by many as a source of light so faint that even our most powerful telescopes fail to recognise its presence, but it is indeed there.

We knew of Sirius C in Atlantis and Ancient Egypt, the light of this spectral body provides a trine to the vibrations that the star system emits.

During the third dimension the light from Sirius C could be embodied but not anchored, as it is primarily ninth-dimensional. However, we are no longer in the third dimension…

On the 23/1/16 a small but dedicated group anchored this light into the Gaia Matrix permanently. The light and vibration of Sirius C is one of the final facets of the Divine Feminine energies that are required on Earth to complete the balancing of the fifth dimensional energies. On a physical level the Sirius system is attuned directly to the fifth-dimensional sacral chakra which has been healing collectively on this planet since the Cosmic Moment in 2012.

Whatever gifts we give to ourselves we also give to others. The healing of the Sacral Collective has been particularly prominent for Divine Feminine souls who have chosen to experience the imbalances of the masculine dominated ego. This is an energy that was responsible for the formation of the third dimension as we knew it.

In reality all is healed already and we are simply tying up the loose ends. However, the experiences that we are still having on this planet are very real. The healing of the sacral collective will continue until we have all ascended globally, and embodied the balance into our higher chakras.

Tuning into the light of Sirius C will assist this process greatly. It is now an integral part of the new 5D Ley System and held within the 7th dimensional Crystal Pyramid of Avalon (physically Glastonbury Tor). The anchor point is within Serapis Bey’s pyramid in Hollow Earth and the light will continue to increase and grow over the coming months and years.

I would like to humbly thank the unique and powerful group who assisted with this job, and especially the Sirian High Council, Lords Kuthumi, Lord Kumeka,  the Angels of Sirius, the Elementals and the countless dragons that joined us.

Thank you ?

Tim/Thoth 24/1/16

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