One of the greatest paradoxes on our physical world is to feel the light increasing as we see the nights getting longer, and the days shorter. For many this is usually a period to rest and integrate, taking stock of the year and building on our reserves to pass smoothly through the Winter months.Energetically we are now within the most physical phase of our ascension journey. The years building up to this allowed us to find out who we really are and remove the energetic veils that have clouded our sight for so many generations. Now we can ‘see’ what do we do with this? The simple answer is we create for ourselves.

The outer world, the third-dimensional projection, is collapsing. Since the fall of Atlantis 10,000 years ago human beings have allowed themselves to participate in an experiment of social control. Regardeless of how unnatural this may sound, we experience everything in order to learn and move forward and evolve. It is safe to say that this aspect of our growth has now been fully explored. Returning to our natural state isn’t something that we are going to have to fight for, it is simply going to occur because we have collectively agreed to it.

When we focus upon a scenario within ourselves or outside of ‘our’ lives we add an immediate flow of energy to the situation. I remember having a conversation with my good friend Polaris AB a few years back with regards to this as we were discussing the rise in thought-manifestation-reality. It is safe to say now that our ability to project our thoughts into reality occurs 2000 times faster than it did before the Cosmic Moment in 2012.

If we forget for a minute about our ‘problems’ and the problems of the world and weigh that thought in, what does it tell us? The answer is that we have the ability to create a perfect future for ourselves and others with the correct point of focus.

Every single thought we think and word we speak gets projected by our advanced chakra system into the surrounding ether and returned to our reality almost instantly. When a collective reality is being projected it becomes a very powerful force for either positive or ‘negative’ purposes.

Sometimes it isn’t realistic to think thoughts of love and light constantly. Life on Earth is an accumulation of consistent challenges combined with the vast increase of Light that we absorb/integrate on a daily basis. There are a myriad of distractions to lead our attention away from the positive and emmerse our energies in denser climes.

Don’t give up. Everyone has challenges to overcome and ego to deal with, even the Masters in the higher dimensions. Just because one has ascended and left this physical plane doesn’t mean that the learning ceases. It just evolves into something much vaster.

The months leading up to the Winter Solstice are going to be about this physical life. You.

We are now residing in a physical vessel that has the abilty to alchemise reality very swiftly, and the best part is the energies that we have at our fingertips to assist with this alchemy.

As Above So Below, As Within So Without.

When situations are presented to us we are given an immediate choice to respond with either love or fear. Fear creates more fear and love creates more love. The fact of the matter is that one of these energies is vastly more powerful than the other and moves a lot faster.

Fear is constructed from a dense vibration that resonates with our old blueprint. Although that blueprint still exists within us collectively it is becoming overwhelmed by the higher, finer vibrations of Love that flows from the hearts of us all. Even on the most challenging of days we still exude the vibration of love. It is our natural essence and the most powerful force in the Universe. Remember this and return to it regardless of what is happening in the outside world. Your heart has the ability to move mountains. Use it.

Much love, Tim. 9/10/16

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