Each and every year I am one of those people who count the minutes of extra daylight from the Winter Solstice onwards. The clocks moved forwards into British Summer Time this weekend just passed, and now every evening is lighter, brighter and filled with fresh opportunities to stay outside and connect with the realms of nature.

Nature is one of the greatest ways to stay grounded and attuned to ourselves, our planet and also to harmonise our energies. You might be reading this and thinking “well…I already know this!” but as the distractions from the 3D matrix increase their efforts to claim our energy/attention, the best place for any of us be is recharging from the planet that we are serving at the highest level. Over the next few weeks and months, it is very possible that you will feel challenged by your surroundings. As I write this there is a new Light Belt pushing in at an increased frequency with an equal/opposite reaction from the old paradigm to try and ensure that it doesn’t do its job.

You cannot stop, halt, alter or prevent a planetary ascension process. If you are in the mindset that you can then you will be left with the option of distracting souls with various antics to prevent them from tuning into a higher reality.

One of our biggest challenges or tests right now is to stay on track.  Many of us are feeling extremely fatigued or maybe disillusioned by what we are experiencing but it is at this point that it is more important than ever to stay true to our soul calling and step into the roles that we have incarnated for.

The next month of our ascension process is going to see another great wave of people waking up to the light. In these circumstances it is important to remember that a lot of these wakeups can be a little bit on the shocked side. You might be reading this and thinking “yes, that is me” or “Yes I know someone who is going through this!” in which case the jump from one state of consciousness to another may have been quite jarring.

Prior to the shift on Earth accelerating in 2020 most of us had a bit of time to navigate what we are experiencing. A wake-up nowadays is a bit like coming round in a field after a party and finding that you are on a completely different planet. With a hangover.

The global wake-up is in full flow and is being fuelled/assisted by the very souls that are attempting to keep it in a state of separation/inertia. The harder they push to retain control the faster we unplug from the old confines that made 3D such an amazing school to live, work, learn and experience a physical body under such circumstances.

You may see and directly experience many opportunities to be ‘unhappy’ or angry and outraged during these times. These are collective field energies that have been nurtured, fed and attended to fastidiously over the years. They are no longer of any use or service to us so acknowledge them and return to a state of heart-
centredness as quickly as you possible can.

Although the energies that are coming in create a fast-moving reality where time has almost appeared to have collapsed, we are being guided to navigate them as slowly and carefully as possible. Breathe and relax if you feel hyperactive…walk in nature if you feel disconnected…listen to the birds if you want to hear the song of the angels and most importantly, ask your heart for guidance if you are uncertain.

One of the slogans of 3D world politics is ‘we are all in this together’ and they are absolutely correct. The only difference is that we have truly discovered soul family, soul unity, soul purpose! We are together because we are terraforming our reality so that we may live in harmony with the highest blueprint available to us. There is
absolutely nothing stopping us from achieving this apart from the limitations that we have placed upon ourselves.

There are an abundance of beautiful events to join if you feel guided to do so in April!

On the 8th I am presenting The Great Economic Changeover with Carolyne Bennett!

On the 11th I am opening Sunday at the Angel Congress.

The 17th brings David Essery and I together for another amazing Archangel Workshop.

Toward the end of the month I will be teaming with Diana Cooper and the Councils of Light for the first in a two-part event.

Sending you all love, blessings, harmony and peace. Tim Whild

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