A brief interlude of peace this morning. At Knowlton with my crystal skull, Stellar, absorbing some Light Codes and the Metatron Frequency that is available here.

My skull was attuned and provided for me by Polaris AB, and is linked directly to one of the Primary Skulls called Max, who existed in The Temples of Atlantis.

Everybody has their own way of attaining and connecting to Source Energy, but this is a method that I would recommend without hesitation, to anyone.

In Atlantean times, in the Golden Years, when the frequency was the highest ever experienced on Earth so far, every single family home had a crystal skull. These were linked energetically to the skulls that were in each of the Thirteen Divine Temples, which in turn were linked into the power of The Great Crystal in The Temple of Poseidon.

The Great Crystal was a very advanced computer containing all the Esoterical knowledge harvested by The Priesthood and was also the primary power source for all of the cities, on all of the Islands.
Each household, with their skull, would use it very much like we use our phones/computers today, as an advanced form of contact with others, and as a continual connection to Source.
Every home should have one!

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