From Pupil to Teacher

Very interesting set of energies running with the Autumn Equinox yesterday. Incredibly potent and very effective in their ability to do exactly what they say on the tin, balance the polarities between light and dark. It was also a perfect opportunity for us to say thankyou to Gaia for all she has provided. In order […]

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Harvest Moon

Beautiful full moon in Pisces yesterday! Judging by the happy, vibrant posts, everyone felt the amazing significance of the energies that poured forth upon us and our planet. Lunar hangover, anyone? Due to the concentrated application and focused intention of a group of Souls yesterday, a new Ascension energy has now become available to use […]

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Lead by example

As we are moving forward so rapidly, and our lives appear to become busier, partly due to the third dimensional aspect of ‘time’ becoming increasingly more linear by the day, I thought I would add a little about keeping the environment around us crystal clear. The energies reaching our planet to assist with our transition […]

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Attuning to Crystal Skulls

A brief interlude of peace this morning. At Knowlton with my crystal skull, Stellar, absorbing some Light Codes and the Metatron Frequency that is available here. My skull was attuned and provided for me by Polaris AB, and is linked directly to one of the Primary Skulls called Max, who existed in The Temples of Atlantis. […]

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Sharing Energy

I was reminded last night of the importance of sharing energy with like-minded souls. On our pathway, and in our current evolutionary climate, it is very easy to imagine oneself isolated as a Lightworker and disappear into a shell, protecting our sensitive energy. Some of us are simply too busy, some of us are experiencing […]

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Focus on Abundance

There is a huge push from our friends in the Higher Realms at present, to share loving, impartial advice and information with those prepared to listen, on subjects of relevance. These pockets of information, translated from light codes into easily translated information,always arrive at a time when people need to hear them most. I wish […]

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Clear portals

Lovely, early morning walk at Knowlton Chuch this morning. It is worth noting at this time that we all have a duty to keep our portal areas clear and high frequency, as our planetary octave rises, Gaia needs our assistance to continuously and consciously assist in the movement and flow of fifth dimensional energy from […]

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