Many of you will be very aware of the lull in the energetics at the moment. We have just passed the Equinox period and are either heading towards the Winter or the Spring Solstice (depending on which half of the planet you live).

Apart from the odd ‘blip’ the Schumann Resonance is like a millpond compared to the intense activity that we experienced during the Spring/Summer months. This period is about preparation and the gathering of Self for the next phase of the shifts.

‘Down time’ is very rare on this pathway and many of us don’t know what to do with it when it is presented. If we wish to seek drama or activity then we need to look no further than the political or social media stage, where all of the ego is laid bare for full examination. Even the most deeply engrained programs are being shown the light and the debris from the old blueprints is being alchemised within the Storm Layer that has been placed above our planet.

If we take ourselves beyond the reach of this clamouring it is very easy to witness the drama that is being played out.

On the 27th September I ran a Zoom event focusing on the Power of Discernment which turned into a vast subject with a multitude of different facets to delve into. The main point that I wanted to highlight was the misinformation that is being sent out via ‘mainstream media’ and how we can easily take anything into our Hearts to see/feel whether it is right for us. If you missed it the recording is available here:

After this event I experienced something strange and this was echoed by several people attending the live event as we all felt an incredible field of anger which lasted for several hours. I knew this did not belong to me, but it was very intense and took a while to work through and clear.

After it had passed, I spoke directly to Archangel Metatron who said “what do you expect, you are breaking the program!”
This program that he is referring to is the program of illusion that has been ‘cast’ over our planet during the last ten thousand years. In order for all of us to experience 3D in the manner that we have we have had to agree to the circumstances of our limitation. Now that we are waking up in our millions this program is beginning to disintegrate which is enabling us to reconnect with our Higher Selves…the most natural process in any Soul Evolution.

The anger that we perceived was the release of another layer of the bindings. While the process of ascension is filled with periods of extreme joy it is also necessary to face the stuff that we are working so hard to let go of.

This is a visualisation to assist with the process of breaking the Program of Illusion. We will also be doing this live on Tuesday night in my next Zoom event…/healing-the-fall-of-atlantis-gr…/

Visualistaion to Break the 3D Program on Earth:

  1. 1. Find a quiet space and sit with your favourite crystal in either of your hands.
  2. Call to Archangel Metatron to fill you with 100% Light and also to surround you in the brightest shield of Golden Ascension Energy….relax as he does this and feel yourself lighting up.
  3. Invoke Archangel Zadkiel and his Legion of Violet Flame angels to surround you and our planet. Call to the Dragons, the Unicorns and to any Ascended Masters that wish to join you.
  4. Request the presence of the Intergalactic Council and ask them to bless/Grace your work…everything that you now do will operate under the Law of Grace.
  5. Finally, invoke Commander Ashtar as he will be using his technology to assist with the release.
  6. Sitting quietly now imagine yourself sat on the shore of a beach at night. You can feel the soft sea air and feel the sand beneath you. Looking up at the night sky you can see billions of stars in the Heavens…just completely relax.
  7. Up above you there are myriads of hexagons forming across the sky. In your meditative state you can see that the planet that we live upon is simply a projection of reality created from geometric structures. It looks as if the entire sky and everything around you is formed from these hexagons and they are all joined together to create a ‘screen’.
  8. Commander Astar now joins you on the beach..he stands beside you looking up at the stars. He says that he has something to show you.
  9. In his hands he has the hologram of a box. It looks black in colour and he says that there are 52 of these boxes located around the world. They are created from an advanced technology that comes from Atlantean times. It is these boxes that are used to maintain the illusion of limitation on Earth.
  10. One by one, these boxes need to be alchemised by the Violet Flame (and any other energies) in order for them to release their projection. As they do, higher consciousness will be restored on Earth.
  11. You sit with Commander Ashtar on the beach and 52 boxes appear in front of you on the sand. Soon you are joined by other Masters, Archangels, Dragons, Unicorns and countless Extra-terrestrials from all reaches of the Cosmos. You are gathered to do powerful work.
  12. One by one you work through the boxes until all of them are glowing bright gold (this may take a bit of time…allow yourself the space to do this or simply return to the scenario whenever you wish)
  13. When the final box lights up gold you suddenly see a vast rush of light in the sky above you. The entire heavens are being lit up with Diamond and Golden rays…you can see then rapidly forming new, higher structures above you. A new reality is being built.
  14. Commander Ashtar is now showing you a hologram of the world in his hands. You can see lights appearing all over the planet as the minds of Humanity are released from their slumber…slowly at first and then glowing faster and faster.
  15. Finally he shows you the 52 boxes that were maintaining the illusion…they are now glowing bright gold and projecting beams of powerful Christ Consciousness all around the planet.
  16. It is time for you to return to where you are in physical reality now, so thank Commander Ashtar and everyone who joined you. You have undertaken powerful service work!
  17. Open your eyes and smile.

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