June 3rd Ascension Update

☀️Tim’s June Ascension Update!☀️

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Lighting up your Heart with a crystal

☀️ Lighting up your Heart with a crystal ☀️

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May 27th Ascension Update via AA Metatron (and myself)

🔥💜Ascension Update via AA Metatron (and myself)💜🔥

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Christed Invocation

I (your name) choose to accept and invoke a deep, twelve-body system illumination of – The Gold Ray of Christ The Christed Mahatma and….The Aquarian Ascension energy into my entire energy matrix. Hereby allowing a full, open illumination of my divine ascended self in service to Gaia, humanity and All That Is…. Now please! (repeat […]

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The Beacon Point – Crystal Technique with Tim Whild

🤍🤍🤍 The Beacon Point – Crystal Technique with Tim Whild 🤍🤍🤍

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18 May Ascension Update

☀️🌸Monday Ascension Update🌸☀️

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Friday meditation to raise your vibration

☀️🌸 Friday meditation to raise your vibration🌸☀️

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May Full Moon Ascension Update

Happy Full Moon! Ascension Update with Tim Whild 🌕🌸💜

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4th May Ascension Update

Todays ascension update 💜

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April 30th Energy Update

Todays ascension update! Sending you all lots of love ???

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