Cosmic Lightpoint Activation for the Seven Suns.

  1. Relax and breathe deeply in your sacred space…in through your nose and out through your mouth. Allow your breath to completely fill your body and calm your mind.
  2. When you can feel your body relaxing, invoke the presence of Archangel Metatron to join you and guide the quantity of Light that you are about to receive.
  3. Feel Archangel Metatron opening and activating your Stellar Gateway chakra a meter above the top of your head…sense and feel it becoming an open chalice for higher light to enter.
  4. In your head or aloud say “I now invoke the sacred light from the Seven Galactic Suns to nourish, balance and illuminate my bodies and soul”
  5. High above you in the heavens vast amounts of light is beginning to gather from seven sources –
    • Rigel, the Sun of Orion shining with a powerful blue-white light filled with codes of higher wisdom….
    • Sirius A with its pure white luminosity, carrying the power of Universal learning and knowledge….
    • Alpheratz, the brightest Sun of Andromeda holding vital keys and codes for Unconditional Love within its blue-white light…
    • Alcyone, the central Sun of the Pleiades beaming its bright blue-purple light of higher healing and technology…
    • Arcturus burning bright radiant orange and holding the technological marvels that have made their spiritual races so successful…
    • Anteres, pure orange/red with emerald green holding the new frequencies of the Peaceful Warrior…
    • Vega, the Sun of the Lyran Constellation burning with incredible blue luminosity and carrying the codes for the Cosmic Christ Light….
  6. As you tune into each of these sources from our spiritual universe be aware of Archangel Metatron harvesting the frequencies into a ball which he now holds in the palms of his hands…a ball of light which changes colour with every passing second.
  7. Metatron is now offering you this ball of Light in its purest form to boost your own light and accelerate your ascension process (and that of the planet too!)
  8. You may accept as much or as little of this light as you feel necessary and Archangel Metatron pours it in liquid form into your Stellar Gateway chakra.
  9. Immediately you feel your Stellar Gateway lighting up with these incredible vibrations….take a few moments to feel each of them individually. Some of the codes and frequencies may feel very familiar to you and others may feel new, fresh and exciting.
  10. There is a precise geometric shape forming in the centre of your Stellar Gateway, this is your Soul Geometry…what do you see? It may be an intricate design formed from many different vibrations or it may be simple and stable like a pyramid or a sphere. Allow it to light up very brightly.
  11. The Cosmic Light is now beginning to move slowly down through your other chakras now…feel it illuminating your Soul Star, your Causal, Crown, Third Eye, Throat, Heart, Solar Plexus, Navel, Sacral, Base and finally your Earth Star below your feet.
  12. Notice the vibration of your chakras now…they have taken on a translucent rainbow/diamond colour filled with light from the highest Cosmos. You are radiating like the brightest star and will be visible from the higher dimensions.
  13. What do you want to do with this vibrancy? Do you want to use it to balance and align yourself or do you wish to share it with others?
  14. Allow your bodies and fields to be washed clean of any lower frequencies as the light begins to spread outwards. You may also see that you are beginning to attract the attention of dragons, unicorns and angels. They are ready to assist with spreading your light to the world.
  15. Take a few moments to light something up. It may be a person, a place, a situation or even a country. See whoever or whatever it is being aligned with your frequency allowing them the opportunity to step into a higher blueprint.
  16. Lastly see and feel yourself grounding this light into Mother Earth. As you anchor this into the planet the Higher Ley Systems and the 5D grid grow stronger by the second.
  17. When you are ready, thank Archangel Metatron and begin to come back to your Sacred Space. Open your eyes and set your intention to hold your new light at all times.

Tim Whild – 18/2/20

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