Happy New Year beautiful people and what a start! How many of you actually felt that the New Year actually began on the Solstice?

So much has happened in such a short space of time that it has almost escaped me that we have just received the most incredible dose of Christ Light in living history. Combined with the addition of the new light from the Seven Suns, this has provided us with a jump-start to January that many of us will still be integrating in weeks to come.

As predicted by many sources the 3D Matrix is increasing in intensity as we raise our vibe and continue to gravitate towards higher and brighter climes. We are currently witnessing the ‘untangling of the knots’ which have been tightly in place for many thousands of years.

The speed at which things move has caught many of us by surprise but we have had a good ten months to acclimatise and begin to adopt our Master roles now.

As I write this the U.K. has been placed into a third lockdown and the United States has an incredibly volatile energy where the 3D/5D split is becoming very visible and evident. Similar scenarios are being repeated around the world as the old ‘powers’ play their final card way ahead of schedule. This attempt to prevent the 5D Matrix from growing is like trying to grip onto water and with every raised vibration we take a step closer to our target.

2021 will be the year of the Navel Chakra.

During the 2017 Lions Gate the Collective 5D Heart triggered globally, thus activating the process for every soul (in physical) on Earth. This created an immediate wave of wakeups (and the inevitable dark nights) for many who chose to answer the clarion call from their expanding heart chakras. This process will continue until the transition from ego to heart has been made personally and collectively. The wave of energy that is making the visible structural changes now comes from the Navel Chakra.

The Navel Chakra is the one physical chakra that was added to the twelve-chakra column (the others are transcendent/separate from the physical). It was last active during the Golden Era of Atlantis and was known as the Chakra of Oneness and Unity and we are connected to everything and everyone via this nexus.

In December 2019, just before the changes began, I was told that the global Navel activation would create the physical changes we have been waiting for.

In February 2020 a Navel wave travelled around our planet like a tsunami, activating the Atlantean Ascension Blueprint (or Goldprint!) for the beginnings of our golden future.

Archangel Metatron was very specific in telling me that this was the activation that would cause a structural re-set. Everything below 5D could not exist in the new higher energies and last year we witnessed these incredible forces at work with our own eyes.

This is the year that we get the opportunity to step into our Master Roles and embody who we truly are!

As we move into this first month of the New Year, I believe that our diamond-sharp focus should be on love, trust, unity, mastery and discipline. We will be presented with continuous invitations to be distracted and drawn into a lower vibration…the very existence of the lower Matrix depends upon this so expect them to try as hard and as often as they can to get us to stay.

Regardless of what we are presented with we stay in the highest vibration possible and that is exactly what we will create. The era that spiritual souls have been predicting for millennia is actually here…we are actually living it and we ARE the Ascended Masters that will be spoken of and called upon in years to come!

On the 14th of this month is the second instalment of Ascension Essentials with the wonderful Carolyne Bennett and we will very aptly be working with the energies of Unity. If you want to join us, then the details are here –

On the 18th I will be running a Monday night Zoom workshop and the details of this are coming very soon!

Sending you all so much love and many bright blessings for this coming year! We are truly in this together, and it is the most amazing privilege to work alongside you all to achieve this global transition.

Tim Whild 6/1/21

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