8547256_orig.jpgJust stop for a few moments, and take a couple of deep breaths…

What thoughts are prominent? What programs are you running?

Planet Earth is running its own set of programs, and we the viewers, are flicking from channel to channel.

On the first Equinox of this year, 21/6/14, the entire energy structure shifted to the fourth dimension.

As I have written before, this is the intensive 18 year period that precedes the main shift to the fifth dimension in 2032.

There is a Higher Plan. Nothing is occurring around us that is out of control, and everything is fully orchestrated.

All is precisely as it is meant to be.

More and more, we are being asked to maintain our light under challenging conditions.

The frequencies intensify by the day, and so does our transformational process, bringing everything to the surface in waves of emotional triggers, button-pushing scenarios and personal challenges.

We have the choice of which dimension we wish to spend our time in.

A unique setup is evolving in which our lives are spread over four separate vibrational frequencies.

Planet Earth, until very recently, had occupied the third dimensional energy matrix since the fall of Atlantis.

This monumental event occurred some 20,000 years ago and recently, a lot of those on the spiritual path have been attracted to bring this energy back through.

This is our divine heritage, and by tuning into this period, we are living that reality.

In doing so, we are activating the energies of the fifth dimension, and this then becomes our new reality for as long as we maintain the frequency. Some souls are even touching upper fifth and the sixth also…These are amazing times…

No matter what ones personal pathway is, and how it is being achieved, the ascension process is remarkably simple.

It is based entirely on the quantity of light maintained within the body and fields, and is triggered when the unified quotient hits 79-85%

If you are feeling urged of late to simplify, retreat, and go back to basics…do it…

We are fast approaching another upsurge in planetary dynamics, which will boost everyone another step forward.

These are far from little steps that we are taking.

It is a simple trap of the ego to self-analyse and draw conclusions that ‘I am not spiritual enough’, ‘I got angry’ or ‘I am not progressing fast enough’.

Cast a line back through the torrent of energy that has been the last 12 months, and see where you were stood back in September 2013.

Incredible, fantastic progress is being made. Those in the upper realms are celebrating our progress on a daily basis.

Back to the initial point of my discourse…aim high, aim for the fifth dimension. Be simple and pure with this target, and drop any distractions, for there are many.

Every thought, word and action is immediately re-created and bounced back as an energetic reflection of where you are.

This re-moulds the collective at an incredible rate, and soon, very soon, we are going to start seeing more evidence of this in the everyday physical world around us. We are tangibly close.

Have a lovely weekend everyone…

As Within So Without

As Above So Below

Love Tim

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