Today Tim is presenting a powerful release decree to be read aloud before, during or after the Solstice.

Repeat three times and speak with authority to the Universe!

I, (name), in the name of the Light and in the presence of Ascended Master Merlin invoke the United Councils of Light, The Board of Karma, The Legions of Anubis. Archangels Michael and Metatron please also assist.
All Beings of light who are guiding me to my highest pathway…I invoke you now.
I now command the full release of all binding energies, magic, enchantments, soul entrapments, hypnotism, fear, predictions of reality and 3D timelines that have been created to lower my vibration.
I invoke the Sword of Archangel Michael and the Light of Metatron to cut and alchemise all binding energies that have been anchoring me into the 3D Matrix. All devices and lower A.I. technology are now removed via my conscious presence!
I invoke the Golden Rainbow Fire to blaze through Spacetime to release the bindings placed upon me by my karmic bloodline and reclaim my Soul Fragments. I acknowledge that I am responsible for releasing and retrieving anything that is presented to me!
I grant complete freedom to ALL beings and energies that are restricted by the 3D Matrix, and I release them from my bodies and fields with the highest love.
In this Divine Moment I claim my Sovereignty as a Master and align to my highest pathway.
(Repeat three times)

As Within So Without
As Above So Below.
It is done.

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