This special discounted bundle of Zoom Workshop Recordings includes three special videos to further your ascension.

The usual price for these workshops would be £33 but they are available in this bundle at a special price of £15 for both.

This bundle includes:

Zoom 1: 6 quick ways to keep your frequency aligned with ascension

In this Zoom you will be attuned to six special energies that you can access quickly and easily.

The Sandalphon bubble connects you with Archangel Sandalphon and instantly opens your twelve fifth dimensional chakras, then holds you in the fifth dimension.  It also protects you and enables magic to happen.

Archangel Gabriel’s cosmic diamond holds his energy of purity, clarity, eternal faith as well as the ability to tune into wise decisions. Its facets cut away and shred lower frequencies as it releases and transmutes lower energies and immediately raises your light levels.  it is one of the most instant tools to raise your light.

Mother Mary’s Mantle holds codes of love, compassion and gratitude that connect you to the cosmic heart. Mother Mary takes you to the Cosmic Heart and lights up these energies within you.

Metatron’s Cloak contains specific codes of light that hold you in a high frequency and accelerate your ascension.

The fifth ascension energy we suggest is to receive and give Unicorn blessings.  When you do this these illumined beings pour their light over you to illuminate whatever you need at a soul level and to offer this to others.

Finally we attune you to the fire Dragons to clear your way and surround you with an etheric wall of fire.

Once you have received these attunements we give you quick ways to trigger the energies immediately when you need them.

Zoom 2: How to use the Secret Power of I AM Affirmations

During this Zoom connect with the glorious ineffable light of your Monad or I AM.  This is your original divine spark from Source, the great blazing flame that is your true essence.

An I AM affirmation is a powerful way of accessing the light of your wondrous magnificent self.  I AM affirmations or decrees are hugely compelling.  They come from the part of you that is pure brilliant dazzling white light, from the angelic part of you.

Your original blueprint has always been there waiting but you are now ready for it!   You are your own authority.  With every breath and thought you are carving out the life you choose.

An I AM affirmation sets you on the path to do this.  It is a statement that starts with capital I  capital A capital M.  You are literally stating that your eternal divine essence now merges with the being or energy you are calling in. This is such a powerful statement that divine alchemy occurs

In this Zoom we share six line I AM Affirmations and explain what each line is calling in.

Lady Venus is the Goddess of Love and the I AM Lady Venus is a powerful way of bringing you into love and harmony.

Lord Kumeka is a mighty Illumined one who came from another universe to oversee the setting up of Atlantis with Archangel Metatron and is now guiding us into the new Golden Age. The I AM Kumeka affirmation brings you to enlightenment and oneness.

Lord Voosloo was the highest frequency High Priest to incarnate in Golden Atlantis. He arrived with the keys and codes to help Atlantis jump shift into the extraordinary and legendary Golden Era of higher crystal technology.  And he has returned now from another universe as Master of the 9th Ray to help Earth with our jump shift into the next golden age starting in 2032. The I AM Lord Voosloo affirmation helps you jump shift into ascension.

And there is a mighty powerful meditation to attune to each of these beings to anchor their energies within you.

Zoom 3: The Power of the Ascension Flames

The Masters holding the Ascension Flames have earned the right to do so by undergoing a rigorous process throughout the universes.  You may already have achieved Mastery during your long soul journey and this Zoom will activate your memory so that you can be a conscious Master.

We take you on a mighty journey to receive and integrate 10 of the most powerful Ascension Flames we currently have access to.   They are held by Masters that we all know and love.

  • Serapis Bey’s pure white Flame of Atlantis
  • Lord Voosloo’s yellow-orange Flame of Cosmic Knowledge
  • Lanto’s yellow Flame of Compassion and Wisdom
  • St Germain’s Violet Flame initiates you as Keeper of The Violet Fire
  • Lady Venus’s pink Flame of Unconditional Love
  • Lady Nada’s white-pink flame of All that Is.
  • Pallas Athena’s blue-pink flame of the Divine Feminine Warrior who cuts through illusion with loving truth.
  • Lady Gaia’s blue green flame of pure Earth energy.
  • Master Hilarion’s bright orange flame holding the blueprint for the New Earth.
  • Jesus’s golden, pink and white Flame of pure unconditional love.

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