790543_orig.jpgI am adding a post with regards to the use of discernment tonight.

This isn’t going to be a huge article, but due to the current climate, and the huge inflow of energy and information, I feel it necessary to provide a little discourse on this critical part of our spiritual evolution.

Discernment, in basic terms, is a word used to describe the ability to judge well.

In everyday life, it has served souls to use their discernment to differentiate between a ‘good’ decision and a ‘bad’ one.

Choice of goods to buy, where to move house to, which school to send the kids to, who to go out with on a social or relationship basis, and so forth.

This is usually a left brain activity, using logic and accumulated knowledge, experience or facts to come to a desired outcome.

The present moment brings forth a wave of awakening, globally, as we all move through the octaves of existing frequencies to the target of personal and planetary ascension.

As we do so, our awareness is rapidly changing.

This awakening process I need not elaborate on, we all are aware on some level that the planet that we have lived on is a little ‘deeper’ than we would have been led to believe. Most of you reading this will now be wide awake and totally in control of your environmental perception.

Our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual changes, biologically and energetically are centred around the activation of our fifth dimensional chakra system and the expansion of our personal Merkabah, our energy structure.

Our chakra system is no longer based around the traditional 7 that we were introduced too, along with the primary colour system. There are now 12 chakras and a host of expansive energetical changes that we are only just scratching the surface of.

One of the primary changes that has occurred is the ability to connect with spirit.

This is due to the activation of the moon white Causal chakra, found just behind and above the Crown.

The Causal connects us to the Angelic realms, the realms of Spirit and many deeper facets that we can look forward to exploring in our wonderful future years.

This brings me to the point of my discourse.

In these exciting, progressive times, so much more information from spirit is becoming available to us. There is a sea of it, on a daily basis, presented beautifully and positively, encouraging us all forward into the Golden Age of Aquarius.

Right now, we are in a process of deep change.

It is my job to convey information, from a point of love for HUmanity and Gaia, that will assist in the facilitation of ascension.

One of the vital facets of achieving personal ascension is exercising the Power of Discernment.

By this, I don’t mean walking into the local Tesco Express and ‘feeling’ which bottle of wine to go home with. (Although this is a useful talent)

I mean exercising Power of Discernment to choose the correct course of action in creating the perfect future for the years to come.

I will always convey information that my Heart urges me to write or speak about.

My heart is connected directly to my Higher Self, who holds the Divine Blueprint for everything that I have incarnated here to do.

This is the same for every single soul on this planet.

Your Higher Self is your ultimate, and only source and guide as the Ascension process takes full affect in these exciting times.

As I write this, I ask you not to read the words with your logical mind, but to feel the resonance with your Heart.

This will tell you whether it resonates with you, and whether the words and information serve you.

This, if it resonates, is a method that should be applied to every single word that is supplied to every single one of you, from any source.

The sea of information I mentioned requires, as Masters, your discernment.#

Every article, every video, every talk or workshop that you attend, use the feeling that is within your glowing Heart to ascertain whether it is presented to you from a point of LOVE.

Because that is the key to our future on this planet.

The movement from the third dimensional ego-self, into the fifth dimensional pure love frequency of the Divine Feminine and Christ Conciousness.

If you use this Power of Discernment, the transition from pupil to teacher will be as smooth and seamless as possible.

There are wave upon wave of our friends in the higher dimensions, Angels, Archangels, Higher Guides, Masters and so many beautiful, radiant others who have flocked here to assist with this process.

Earths transition has made Galactic History.

Every single one of these beings, mostly making contact via our Higher Selves, have moved beyond the restrictions of polarity. This has been achieved through service either on Earth and other planets, systems or dimensions, and their only focus is service to Source through the facet of Unconditional Love.

These are the beings that have the higher interests of Earth and HUmanity as their priority, none other.

Every single one of these beings, no matter who they are, or what form they manifest or present themselves in, will be most happy to answer any questions regarding individual discernment upon making contact.

So please, always, check with them and feel the frequency that is presented to you, and ensure that polarity is non-present when you receive your reply.

A simple question ‘ do you serve the Light and have you transcended polarity?’ will do the trick if you are unsure.

We are due to share our future with so many beautiful and illuminated beings. This is our Divinity manifesting as reality, having mastered one of the toughest schools that is available, anywhere.

The Masters of the future are already on this planet. Walking, talking, eating, drinking, laughing, and most importantly loving.

Noone is going to land and save us, we are doing that for ourselves. The future is in the hands of the Walking Masters of Planet Earth.

Discernment will lead everyone here to a point of unconditional love and Oneness, because the Heart can never lie.

Love and blessings <3

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