11-11 Manifestation Portal Event – Zoom Online Workshop with Tim Whild

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As we move into the final corridor of this exceptional year, we are going to experiencing powerful flows of energy and some pivotal dates to benefit from.

The 21st December this year is the ‘target’ for all of the work that has occurred on an energy level and will provide a completely new source of Light for our ascension process.

Imagine that you are moving into a new home…the old one is still inhabited but you are moving your possessions into your new place. On the 21st December you can turn on the appliances that the electricians have been busy installing.

Wednesday 11th November is a master number date and 11-11 signifies higher manifestation. The idea of this workshop is to apply our intention as a powerful group to manifest what we wish to see in our new reality for ourselves and for others.

We are the Masters and ascension pioneers of the New World and the energy that we are laying out will be the foundations of the future. We will be joined by a powerful team of Archangels, Ascended Masters, Benign Extra-terrestrials, Unicorns and Dragons who are all keen to get the job done.

During this workshop recording you will –

  • Learn about the ‘switchover’ coming on the 21st December and what it means for us all
  • Raise your vibration and clear any fear or disharmony you may be feeling
  • Work with the Angels and Ascended Masters (and many others) to fortify the Divine Blueprint that is being activated between 11-11 and 21-12
  • Assist to move any stuck energy into the Storm Layer for processing – find out more here https://www.facebook.com/watch/?v=632274820798054

The price for this workshop recording is £11.

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