6 Quick Ways to Keep Your Frequency Aligned with Ascension Zoom Workshop with Diana Cooper and Tim Whild

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More and more of you are going back to work or busily dealing with the consequences of the lockdown and so you may have less time to devote to keeping your frequency high.  Yet it is incredibly important to do so during this time of massive upheaval and change in our personal lives and on the planet.

Tim and I have been guided to offer a series of three Zooms that provide very quick but intense and powerful techniques for keeping your frequency aligned with ascension. 

In the first one we share six ascension energies and take you through beautiful visualisations to attune to each one.  Then we show you how to access them with a single command and movement.  Any or all of them will bring you instantly into at least the upper fifth dimensional frequency.  And you can do them as often as you wish to.

We believe this workshop recording will give you the tools to hold a high level of Mastery and be a beacon of light in the transition years to the new golden age.  We do hope you can take part!

During this workshop recording you will

  • Attune to six powerful ascension energies.
  • Experience two awesome visualisations.
  • Learn how to access these energies instantly.
  • Align yourself with your ascension blueprint.
  • Receive tools to enable you to hold a high level of Mastery at all times.

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