About this event

The Lions Gate is a powerful and highly charged energetic portal that begins when the Sun moves into Leo and ends on the 18th August.

It connects us directly to the Galactic Core via Sirius and was widely recognised during Atlantean times as a good period to ‘get things done’.

The zenith of this event occurs on the 8th and this year we will be gathering on 8/8/2020 which is a significant combination of Master Numbers! The emphasis for Lightworkers this year is to take action to assist with the energy shifts on Earth and that is exactly what we will be doing on this day.

2020 is a pivotal year for the ascension process of everyone on the planet as it is the period that the truth begins to shine through the illusion of the last ten millennia. We will soon be able to notice to reconstruction of our societies at a higher level and begin to build our future for the next Golden Era. We are working in harmony with myriads of souls assisting us to perform this transition as smoothly as possible.

This is going to be a high frequency, powerful workshop but will be suitable for all souls on the spiritual pathway from ‘beginners’ to ‘Spiritual Veterans’!

During this workshop you will:

  • Learn about what 2020 is really about – what is so significant about this year’s energy?
  • Connect to the highest frequencies in order accelerate your ascension pathway.
  • Meet the powerful new Unicorns that have stepped forwards to assist us.
  • Work with the Intergalactic Council and the Board of Karma to heal and release stuck energy within yourself and the planet
  • Learn how to effectively use crystals to anchor and amplify the Light that is available to you.
  • Work directly with the energy of the 8/8 Portal to bring significant healing to the parts of the world that need it the most
  • This is a live workshop and we will also be working with the energies of the day and the group that we create together. Expect magic and you will create magic!

When: Saturday 8th August 2020 10am-4pm
Where: Paultons Golf Centre, Salisbury Rd, Romsey SO51 6AN
Exchange: £60

Bookings are non Refundable. Hot drinks inc. Please bring your lunch with you or very reasonably price meals available at the Golf Centre that have to be booked in advance.

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