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As lightworkers most of us are aware of the incredible changes that are happening around us now. These changes have been building in intensity since the Harmonic Convergence in 1987 when we begun to reclaim our Atlantean heritage. The spiritual forces have opened the gates of higher Light and now Earth is seven years into the twenty-year transitional period.

Now more than ever our focus and dedication is needed to ensure that these changes occur smoothly. There is a strong and organised ‘opposition’ to the awakening of humanity, as the souls that assisted Earth to experience the third dimension are reluctant to relinquish their hold.

The higher the level of light anchored onto this planet the easier it will be to establish the new 5D blueprints here as Earth souls will naturally gravitate towards a more natural way of living. Archangel Metatron and the Unicorns have asked that we anchor (at least) 55 portals of light globally. These can be in any order and in any country, and it does not matter if these pillars are clustered in close proximity to each other.

These pillars or anchor points will then be used for the Unicorns and other higher souls to add their vibration immediately to the area and establish their light with permanent effect. We suggest that every participant pick one area and email it to Tim prior to the event and we can then work through them over the course of the workshop.

Unicorns work on the Ray of Grace and do not need Universal permission to intercede on Earth. It has already been decided that they wish to do so but they need a stepping point in order to connect.

During this powerful event you will –

  • Connect to the 10th dimensional Unicorns that have come directly from the Stargate of Lyra
  • Work with Archangel Metatron and Archangel Christiel on a planetary level
  • Establish, anchor and activate 55 (or more!) pillars of light permanently here on Earth with the help of the Unicorns, Dragons and anyone else who steps forward
  • Assist with the clearing of lower frequency energies in areas that need help the most
  • Raise your vibration and clear any planetary karma from your personal timeline

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