Activating your Ascension Blueprint with the Council of Atlantis Zoom Online Workshop with Diana Cooper and Tim Whild

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The Council of Atlantis existed throughout the Atlantean Era which lasted for 260,000 years.

During the Golden Era, a fully fifth-dimensional Council represented the Continent of Atlantis for 1500 years. A High Priest or Priestess from each of the Temples was chosen to step onto the Council and provide wisdom, gifts, healing, and love for the people that looked to them for guidance. They would take on the role and the responsibility of working in harmony with the other Temples to provide balance for the Atlanteans.

At the end of the Atlantean era each of the Council members stored their ascension blueprint so that they could be retrieved later. That time has now arrived, and each Master of Atlantis has offered to share a piece of their knowledge to help YOU on your ascension pathway.

Each gift or activation has been stored in the etheric Temple crystal that still exists in the higher dimensions.

This workshop will be a powerful and illuminating journey into the ascended realms to meet the Council of Atlantis and visit the incredible Temples that they served in!

During this recording you will –

  • Connect to Lord Kumeka who will be your 9th dimensional guide for the night
  • Clear, balance and restore your connection to the Golden Era of Atlantis
  • Heal any trauma/memories from the Fall
  • Meet the Council of Atlantis! Travel to the Golden Era and visit the Masters in their Temples to receive light and wisdom for your journey here on Earth

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