Alchemising the Global 3D Matrix Zoom Group Workshop with Tim Whild

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As the frequency continues to rise (daily) on our planet we are being shown an increased need to unplug from the 3D Matrix and replace the old blueprints with higher light.

The third-dimensional control systems have been in place since the fall of Atlantis and they have been ingrained into every aspect of global societies. As the light increases so does the level of effort to prevent this from happening.

The future of this planet has already been decided and we are moving into the fifth-dimension at a faster pace than we originally anticipated. This is due to the collective efforts of Lightworkers around the world pooling their power and intentions together to assist with the shifts. Group work is powerful and we are increasing pace now.

Due to several prominent circumstances happening around the world, this session will be dedicated to the intervention and removal of fear-based circumstances using group alchemy.

During this workshop recording you will –

  • Learn the easiest methods to unplug from any fear-based/chaotic circumstances around you
  • Learn about the 3D Matrix and how Earth has been used as an amazing platform for 3D learning
  • Work with the Masters, Dragons, Unicorns, Archangels and Extra-terrestrials to alchemise personal and global fear
  • Use crystals to keep your space as high frequency as possible and change the frequency of areas that need it the most
  • Call in a global downpouring of the highest alchemy for our planet and for anyone who needs assistance

Please note that you will need a crystal for this workshop! – it doesn’t need to be big or fancy, but it is more effective to send energy/intention via a clear (quartz based) crystal. An example of this would be rose quartz, amethyst, citrine, Lemurian etc. Any shape or size will do as long as it is connected to your energies.

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