Anubis and the Legions of Light – Zoom Online Workshop with Tim Whild

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Over the years Anubis has been depicted as the ‘God of the Dead’ or the ‘Underworld’ which is a role that has been taken out of context and often misinterpreted with fear.

Ascended Master Anubis was a High Priest in the Temple of Wisdom during Atlantean times and was officially the Keeper of Sacred Secrets. All of the most important information discovered during this era was entrusted to him and he guarded these within the higher archives of the Halls of Amenti. The most sacred of this information is still entrusted to Anubis and this is what many of us are now retrieving for our ascension missions.

As well as keeping the sacred texts, information and knowledge safe Anubis also commands a Legion of Sacred Sentinels. These powerful spiritual protectors are allocated to souls on the ascension pathway who have important jobs and are often confronted (sometimes directly) by lower energies and entities.

He is a loved and revered Master who is connecting with many souls around the world and he carries the gifts of courage, protection, knowledge and unity.

This recording is dedicated to connecting and working with Ascended Master Anubis. During the event you will –

  • Receive Tim’s latest energy update (welcome to the Lions Gate!)
  • Learn about the true role of Anubis and how he served Atlantis.
  • Connect directly to Anubis and visit him in the Halls of Amenti
  • Access gifts or information that is perfect for you on your ascension pathway!
  • Meet your Sentinel of Anubis. Everyone attending this workshop will connect to their Sentinel who will assist and guard them on their Earth mission.

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