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Once a lightworker is on the path of self-mastery the challenges that present themselves can appear insurmountable. This two-hour Zoom workshop will break those challenges, initiations, light tests and distractions down in a practical way so that you will feel clearer and more focused upon your ascension pathway.

As highly-evolved souls experiencing an intense physical, mental, emotional and spiritual transformation, we have reached a tipping point within our ascension process that requires our dedication and focus. Some days we simply do not feel up to this and Tim is going to be looking at the rollercoaster ride we are on in fine detail, having suffered with anxiety himself during his process.

Archangel Metatron and the Intergalactic Council will be joining us for this event to add their light and knowledge to the evening!

As with every Zoom event we will be LIVE and anything can happen. It will be recorded fully so that you can still participate later, if you can’t be present for the event itself. Everyone attending will be sent the recording via email the following day.

Please sign up and register by filling in the form below and please note that this event is registration only! The event form must be filled out correctly in order for you to receive your link. The price for this event is £20.

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