Ascension Essentials Zoom Workshop Series with Carolyne Bennett and Tim Whild

19:00 - 21:00 BST (GMT +1)
Online via Zoom

About this event

We are going through an intensive transitional period on the planet right now and many people are feeling that something extraordinary is happening and that is because – IT IS.

Ascension is upon us and we are in a global process of a mass spiritual awakening and consciousness expansion.

What is ascension?

Simply put ascension is a raise in vibrational consciousness. Individually and collectively we are moving from a separation to a more unified source of consciousness. This ascension is nothing new, it has been prophesied for thousands of years and many of us have chosen to be here at this time to be a part of the great awakening. Old structures are falling so that new structures can be built.

Some people are waking up to more of who they really are and are going through a process of ‘remembering’ and a deep inner knowing that we are here for something much more. For others this may be a confusing transition with symptoms that they don’t understand – like there’s more going on than meets the eye. Have you ever wondered what that may be and what your part in it is?

Can you feel it too?

3-D living, as we know it, is over. With this great awakening comes consciousness upgrades and these are happening at a speed which is difficult to describe. The great ‘wake up’ is upon us.

This three part course has been designed with these issues in mind and we will answer some of your deeper questions, give practical advice on how to ascend in the current climate and help you to discover the true meaning and purpose for your life.

This Three Part Course is for you if…

  • You have an inner knowing that you are here for more but not sure what that is or even how to connect to it
  • Curious about Atlantis and the influence of other realms and perhaps your role there
  • You are ready to remember who you really are led by the wisdom of past lifetimes.
  • You have been through the dark night of the soul
  • You feel different from everyone else and feel like you don’t belong on this planet
  • You find yourself pondering over  the ‘deep’ questions of life
  • You have been feeling lost and wanting to find a sense of purpose to life but don’t know what direction to take

Are you ready to be given the basics of ascension and be put straight on your path?
To find out what is going  on and the best way to navigate it?
Are you ready to “wake up”?

Session One – The Essentials (access your recording now)

4th June 2020

  • Why are we here? I mean what is the purpose to it all? Surely there has to be more to this than groundhog day experiences and feelings of worry and fear?
  • Your soul mission. You are ready to fully understand the true meaning of all that is unfolding and ready to be guided to take your place, remember who you are and your purpose in this lifetime.
  • 5D chakras. We are no longer using the 3D chakra system but rather our 5D chakras have now been activated. Learn what and where they are and how to further activate them to assist with the ascension process.
  • Who you are. You are not your beliefs. You are not your thoughts. You are not your physical body. You are much more than that. Find out who you truly are and get ready to take your place in the world.
  • Ascension update – At the end of each session Tim will guide us on through an ascension update

Session Two – Atlantean Connection (access your recording now)

2nd July 2020

  • Discover how the Atlantean consciousness can take us from destruction and survival to divine construction and thriving individually and as a collective.
  • The blueprint we will be using in our future. A blueprint that works in unity and harmony with all living things and shows the way we will be living our lives. This is a must see!
  • Ascension update – At the end of each session Tim will guide us on through an ascension update

Session Three – Creating as a Master

6th August 2020

  • How to retrieve your soul gifts and learn to release even more magic from within you so that you can step up and take your place on this earth as your soul intended
  • How to utilise your inherent gifts, embrace your uniqueness  so that you can make a difference in this world
  • Discover hidden secrets to activate true masterly to finally create the life you heart yearns for
  • Ascension update – At the end of each session Tim will guide us on through an ascension update

Meet Your Teachers

Carolyne Bennett is a spiritual mentor, channeller, accredited law of attraction teacher trainer and Atlantean.
Tim Whild is an ascension worker, author, Atlantean, international speaker and crystal expert from Dorset, United Kingdom.

Carolyne Bennett     Tim Whild

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