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Atlantis – for some it is a mysterious, sunken island kingdom, in which immeasurable riches are still suspected today. Others think of the precious knowledge that could have gone down with this city – it says that the brightest minds and wisest scholars of that time lived there, and with them lost experience and wisdom of inestimable value. And then there are those who associate with Atlantis an age of supreme spiritual energy in which people possessed incredible spiritual powers and qualities – the era of the Golden Atlantis. For Tim Whild, the British uprising pioneer with roots in the Atlantean era, the Golden Atlantis is even more:

Already today we can feel the energy of the then Golden Atlantis in us. Now we just have to bring it to life and use it properly. In his workshop Tim wants to show us how we are going this way.

On Friday evening, we will begin with an evening mediation, in which we get together for the upcoming intensive work and enriching experiences. During the powerful visualisation “Temple of the Inner Sun” we will connect with the universe, the era of the Golden Atlantis and Lord Voosloo. Lord Voosloo is a twelve-dimensional Ascended Master who has repeatedly assisted Earth in phases of sudden leaps of consciousness. As High Priest with the highest frequency that ever incarnated in Atlantis, he made possible that leap in consciousness that allowed Atlantis to reach its legendary size. Now Lord Voosloo leads us into the next golden age. Through his power and presence, it is even possible that we recognise from which star, planet or dimension our soul comes! Also, Tim will respond to the current time quality and energies.

On Saturday, Tim will first briefly talk about his own path and tell how he was reconnected with Atlantis with the help of his good friend Diana Cooper. He will also explain to us why so many of us have been experiencing such a powerful awakening for some time now – with ourselves and around us. How and why this happens, and how it all relates to a particular cosmic moment, Tim will also explain to us in more detail.

Then Tim will introduce us to many helpful, invigorating exercises. For example, we will learn how to raise our twelve ascension chakras and how to protect and illuminate ourselves and our personal space by using crystals – just like the Atlanteans.

Our life on earth is very different from that of the then Atlanteans. So how can we, in this day-to-day and under the circumstances, make our light shine and clear our frequency and raise it to a level equal to that of the Atlanteans? Tim will show us how. In addition, together with Tim, we will embark on a journey back in time to the highest frequency and visit the Twelve Temples of Atlantis. From the Temple of the Moon to the Temple of Poseidon: Many of us will have spent whole lives in these temples – which aspects of that time will we remember?

At the end of this workshop, not only will you have gained many new insights and experiences, but you will also have your heart wide open and at the same time grounded and well prepared – so you can walk the path ahead to a new Golden Age of confidence and trust.


Fri 17/01/20 18:30 – 22:00
Sat 18/01/20 10:00 – 17:00 clock


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Regular 149 EUR

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