Awakening Your Royal Codex and Cosmic Abundance | Online workshop with Alice Heath and Tim Whild

19:00 - 20:45 GMT
Online via YouTube

About this event

As we start a brand new year, many newly accessible higher codings are available to be retrieved, received and embodied! After the incredibly “full on” year of 2023, with the potency of the eclipses and recent Solstice, we are now ready to open our Hearts and Crowns up to even more humbling higher tools, gifts and energies to assist us in creating a strong Heart Centred Earth!

Primarily, the newest level of Cosmic Abundance and our Royal Codex is now available!! Previously, when many of us have tried to receive these keycodes, we haven’t cleared enough entangled emotion and so our Divine Inheritance has been blocked by our human self…yet this year is different! With all the clearing of the last 6 months, we’ve never been more ready to welcome in such sacred Divine Inheritance!

Join Tim and Alice as we journey through the Stargates of Ascended Sirius and Lyra to connect with the Regal Ones of the Stars! Here we will clear the blocking energies creating fear around flow, remember powerful High Priest and Priestess timelines which embody affluence and divine connection fully, and activate the next layer of prosperity, divine inheritance, creational energies and true sovereign wholeness!

We will:

  •  Connect directly with the Ascended Council of Lyra and Sirius to receive a New Year Mass Awakening direct channelling
  •  Remember your most prominent High Priest and/or High Priestess lifetime to aid in Monadic Embodiment!
  • Meet with the Regal Ones to receive your Royal DNA Codex and Cosmic Abundance Template
  • Clear subconscious lack imprints and emotionally entangled blocks
  • Ego Dissolution! To be the bridge of Unity, we must all be walking our talk!
  • Anything else humanity, Earth and the Universe needs at this time!

It is a profound joy and honour to bring this workshop to you, we look forward immensely to connecting with All who are called! As usual, this event is live with a recorded replay for all who aren’t able to make it on the day!

With love from the One True Heart,
Tim and Alice

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Please note: This event is organised by Alice Heath. For all enquiries, please contact here here.