Become an Ambassador for The Council of Earth – Zoom Online Workshop with Diana Cooper and Tim Whild

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During the recent Expand Your Mission with the Councils of Light series that Diana and I ran, we approached the Galactic Councils to request their grace and light. With the Council for Earth (and its ascended aspect Pilchay) it was different. We were in Diana’s kitchen when they approached us and asked us to connect with them and work with them! They said that the metamorphosis of Earth at the present time is so important and at such a crucial stage that they want as many ‘lights’ as possible to support and help them.

Earth is ascending at a fast pace. Those in the third dimension, who have controlled humanity for so long have felt the inevitable rise in frequency as Earth ascends and are doing everything possible to hold onto their power by spreading fear and panic. Lightworkers are witnessing the death throes of control but do not engage in it.

The Council of Earth reminds you that ascension is inevitable. The new Golden Age is coming nearer but Earth is still undertaking an initiation before we break out into the ascended light. Lightworkers are needed to hold the vision of the predestined golden future to sustain everyone, while we wade through the last challenges.

The 12 Masters of Earth/Pilchay wish to make themselves known to you. Many you will know already. They have instructions for you so that you can do your part.

They want you to know that you have an important role to play in the ascension of Earth and ask for your support.

During this Zoom you will

  • Meet the Masters of Earth and its ascended aspect Pilchay
  • Learn about the progression of our planet to the New Golden Age
  • Understand the importance of your role in this journey
  • Learn what you can do to help the planet ascend
  • Accelerate your personal ascension

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