Birkan Tore and Tim Whild – The New Atlanteans

Workshop Recording

About this recording

Birkan Tore and Tim Whild bring you the third instalment in their Zoom online workshop series, The New Atlanteans. 

This is a workshop for the souls who are awake and seeking the higher reason for their place in this ascension process. 

Who was I? Did I incarnate in Atlantis? How does this apply to or affect what I am going through now? 

Packed with information and activations for the sensitive and powerful souls of the Golden Age we will take you through the step by step process to reveal the Ascension Master Blueprint that has been dormant within you for over 10,000 years. 

We will visit and access the Halls of Amenti so that you may connect with your Master Room. Meet Anubis who is the keeper of the Secrets of Atlantis and call forth the full presence of the Great Crystal and reveal its power yet further to Earth.  

Love Birkan and Tim  

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