Connecting with your Soul Family – Activating the 5D Sacral – Zoom Workshop with Tim Whild

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About this recording

One of the most enduring questions that is asked when we wake up and step onto the ascension pathway is ‘why do I feel so alone?’.

Very often we will go through intense changes and can feel as if we have been put in an energetic washing machine as the new vibrations remove the old from our lives.

This recording is dedicated to working with the 5th dimensional Sacral Chakra and will focus on balancing, explaining and refining the process for anyone who is currently experiencing this or is looking for explanations for past experiences.

The 5th dimensional Sacral Chakra provides some of the most intensive lessons that we agree to undergo. Its vibration sets the platform for our friends, partners, family, work colleagues and even people that we meet on the street. Once it starts to vibrate at its highest resonance it begins to call our Soul Family to us, and this is where the true joy of the ascension pathway begins to shine through!

During this workshop recording you will –

  • Learn about your soul agreements and contracts, and how these will change when you shift vibration
  • Look at coping with rejection. Why do we sometimes lose our old lives and connections when we wake up?
  • Clear and balance the 5D Sacral. This provides the Clarion Call to draw our Soul Family to us
  • Learn about past lives and ‘trigger connections’…the people that we meet that help us remember who we truly are!
  • Work with Archangel Gabriel to clear any old patterns/wounds from the Sacral blueprint

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