Core Fear Removal for Lightworkers and for Earth – Zoom Online Workshop with Tim Whild

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As we head towards the Solstice point of Mid-Summer in the Northern Hemisphere, we are being offered the opportunity to participate in an operation being conducted by the Higher Realms.

Archangel Michael and the United Teams of Light are focusing their energy upon alchemising the grip of fear that the 3D Matrix still has on many people living on Earth.

Many of these souls will be free to walk their ascension pathway once they are disconnected from the mass hypnosis and programming that has been applied to them for thousands of years.

During this recording Tim is joined by the presence of the mighty Archangel Michael who is stepping forward to hand the power back to those who are still caught in up the Matrix. 

Millions of Lightworkers world-wide have now begun the separation process from the old reality and have fully committed to the ascension pathway. To be truly free of the old binding contracts, triggers, cords, intrusions, tripwires, and pitfalls we must go to the core of the programme and ‘unhook the guy-ropes’. 

Freedom from fear = heart-based living.

During this workshop recording you will:

  • Receive an up-to-date energy report from Tim, Archangel Michael, and the Teams of Light.
  • Learn about the fear/illusion programmes being used to control the 3D Matrix.
  • Receive a thorough clearing from Archangel Michael and the incredible souls who are gathering to harmonise our energies in preparation for the Solstice Gateway.
  • Service work! We will be guided on the night to work directly with Earth to assist with the alchemy of lower vibrations and set up a 5D system.

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