Destroyer Training at the Cosmic Heart with Commander Ashtar – Zoom Online Workshop led by Tim Whild

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About this recording

Our preparation to incarnate on planet Earth is intensive and will usually lean towards our field of expertise on our Soul Pathway.

Everyone on the ascension pathway is participating in a record-braking (literally!) shift from 3D to 5D in a time that has never been achieved before anywhere in the Universe. This is creating new and unexpected variables in the transition.

To fortify us for the task at hand, Commander Ashtar has offered to take on several groups of souls to train at night in his learning planes at the Cosmic Heart (Ascended Venus). 

This training is run at night-time during sleep and will extend from a month (basic training) to a year (highly advanced). 

Even the most basic learning will equip lightworkers to easily navigate the turbulence of the shift and give us the energy-management skills that we need to get our job done with minimal distractions.

Destroyer Training enables lightworkers to deal with dense/3D energy like a Master!

This period of training is pre-written into the Soul Contracts of many attending, and it is simply ‘time’ to do it. Others will choose to jump on because events on Earth need specific skills to navigate and this training will sound like a good idea.

Commander Ashtar sits on the Intergalactic Council and is helping to oversee the ascension of Earth. He is in charge of keeping our planet safe from intrusions or events that could threaten our planet, and he currently has light ships docked over every major city worldwide. He is keeping a very close eye on us while we work and is offering his assistance at this pivotal point in our shift.

During this workshop recording you will –

  • Cleanse, clear and fully balance your energy
  • Meet Commander Ashtar at his training facility in the Cosmic Heart
  • Learn what Destroyer Training is and why it is being used successfully by other souls on Earth
  • Take a powerful journey to sign up for the training if you wish to!
  • Assist Commander Ashtar with Service Work (whatever is needed on the night)

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