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There are currently four paths to higher ascension. When you merge them all you take a broad, fast track to higher ascension. In this four part course we offer you this accelerated path to higher ascension. It will enable you to fulfil your soul mission and you become a light who can help others on their ascension path.

This course will be run over 4 sessions online via Zoom:

  1. Sunday 8th April 8 – 10PM GMT +1 : The Golden Path
  2. Sunday 20th May 8 – 10PM GMT + 1 : The Diamond Way
  3. Sunday 24th June 8 – 10PM GMT : The Rainbow Path
  4. Sunday 15th July 8 – 10PM : The Emerald Way

The total cost for all 4 sessions is £80. To book your place on these workshops, fill in the form at the bottom of this page.

Guidance for Higher Ascension. Part 1. The Golden Path Sunday 8th April

Please note: This first event has past but a recording is available for people who book after the session.

For this powerful Zoom event we will be looking at the planetary ascension process from the Harmonic Convergence to the Cosmic Moment and then beyond. Many of you will have incarnated upon the Golden Path and are now moving into a state of higher expansion.

You will learn specifically to work with your 12 ascension chakras and the Archangels that govern their development.

You will learn specifically to work more deeply than ever before with your 12 ascension chakras and the Archangels that govern their development.

During this section we will cover the 4 chakras with issues that have been most hindering our ascension:

  • Third Eye – Karmic and situational third eye blockages.
  • Throat – The ability to speak your truth after aeons of repression.
  • Solar Plexus – From super sensitive to energies around you to master of all vibrations.
  • Sacral – Clearing the Divine Feminine template for humanity.

Learn how and why your fifth-dimensional Merkabah is developing from a tetrahedron to a sphere.

Connect fully with your Higher Self to download your full ascension blueprint and step out of your limitation to become a Walking Master.

Follow your Stellar Gateway back to your star, planet or dimension of origin to discover who you truly are (soul essence).

Meet Thoth and Anubis to open your room in the Halls of Amenti and request your Divine Ascension Blueprint.

Connect to the Mighty Archangel Metatron to anchor your light permanently into the core of the Great Central Sun.

Guidance for Higher Ascension. Part 2 The Diamond Way Sunday 20th May

Today we enable you to absorb all the white light that you are ready to receive into your energy fields and place you firmly on the Diamond Way.

You will connect with Archangel Gabriel’s ninth dimensional light and he will prepare you to receive the scintillating multi-facetted diamond of purity. This will bring all your chakras into alignment at a much higher frequency.

You will visit the retreat of the Masters of the Himalayas, the highest frequency retreat on Earth and receive higher guidance from the 12 Masters themselves.

You will receive the Ascension Flame from Serapis Bey to access more of your light from the golden era of Atlantis.

You will visit Lord Meitreya and the Great White Brotherhood at the mighty retreat in the Royal Tetons to be initiated (or re-welcomed) into the White Brotherhood.

The ninth dimensional golden horned unicorns will open the diamond gate for you so that you can consciously experience the Diamond Way.

Guidance for Higher Ascension. Part 3. The Rainbow Path Sunday 24th June

Seraphina, the magnificent Seraphim who is working with Archangel Metatron for the ascension of Earth, is in charge of this pathway of galactic mastery.

Seraphina will give you special new keys to accelerate the building of your Antakarana bridge to Source. This is the first time enough people have raised their rainbow light sufficiently to allow her to offer this activation.

The black dragon from Saturn will take you to its planet to meet St. Germain and learn the founding principles of magical intergalactic travel.

You will visit Seraphina’s Intergalactic training establishments in the inner planes.

Commander Ashtar will activate your silver shield for safe intergalactic journeys.

You will become part of Lord Voosloo and Archangel Metatron’s team to build the 9th dimensional leyline system throughout this universe. In doing so you will access wisdom codes from other star systems.

Your light will become infinitely brighter, rich in wisdom and majesty.

Guidance for Higher Ascension. Part 4. The Emerald Path Sunday 15th July

The Emerald Path is the advanced ascension path of wisdom and Universal knowledge. Here you will be taken by the Masters of Amenti into the archives of Cosmic Truth to learn about process beyond physical ascension. This is the path that all of the Illumined Ascended Masters took before coming to Earth on their highest missions.

Connect to the Masters of Amenti and feel the vibration of the Twelve Libraries of Source. Here you will receive the introduction to your higher information that is stored in the 9th Dimension.

Merge your Crown and Third Eye with Merlin and Voosloo in an ancient Atlantean ceremony that will activate your latent psychic gifts to the highest level.

Meet Merlin who is the Master of Third Eye Alchemy and join him in creating your perfect reality.

Receive the Emerald Cloak of Higher Wisdom from the Mighty Thoth and accept his guidance.

Bath in the Rivers of Amenti and receive the keys and codes for releasing the confines of the physical (removing the Veils of Illusion).

Learn to create incredible Cosmic Pools of Light with manifestation from your Third Eye as a service to humanity, that accelerates your ascension

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