Diana Cooper and Tim Whild – Zoom Ascension Workshop

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Prepare for the next wave of Ascension Energy

The energy on Earth is becoming very intense and many people are finding life challenging. This special workshop is enabling you to absorb the new high frequency energies in the spiritual world so that you can flow with it as it manifests in our physical world. This rapidly accelerates your ascension and you will be able to help many onto the ascension path.

  • You will enter the Stargate of Lyra to connect with Archangel Christiel and the highest level of unicorn realms.
  • Bathe in the 9D pool of shimmering white gold Christ light in Lakumay, the ascended aspect of Sirius.
  • Lord Voosloo, the 12D ascended master has helped Earth at times of sudden jump shifts in consciousness. As the highest frequency High Priest ever to incarnate in Atlantis he enabled the leap in consciousness that allowed it to achieve its legendary greatness. Now he is guiding us into the next golden age. Today you can receive from him the keys and codes for your jump shift in consciousness and this is a massive gift from him.
  • Lord Kuthumi, the World Teacher and Lord Kumeka, Master of the 8th Ray have new messages for us at a higher frequency.
  • You will receive the blue Pleiadean healing rose at a 9D frequency into your energy fields and chakra system.
  • We will share the steps to bring back your crystalline body so that you can accept your blueprint for the glorious new golden age.

With extraordinary visualisations and energetic transfers this is a life transforming session and we would love you to join us.

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