Dissolving the Global Veils of Amnesia – Zoom Workshop with Tim Whild

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The key project this year has been to wake up billions of souls from their slumber and the energies/circumstances have doing this very effectively. The events of 2020 will be remembered forever and so will the work that we do during this time.

Convincing people to ‘see’ when they aren’t ready can be a difficult task and it has to be handled correctly in order to awaken people to their Mastery rather than shock them. We are here to provide loving balance to this process.

This Zoom workshop recording is dedicated to working with the Unicorns, Merlin and the Intergalactic Council to gently remove any obstructions to Higher Sight that are remaining in the unified field.

As a group we work with higher alchemy such as the Violet Flame to dissolve the illusions of the Third Dimension for ourselves and for the rest of the planet. This is powerful service work and we will have a dedicated team from the Higher Realms guiding our progress at all times!

During this recording you will –

  • Balance, clear and light up your powerful Third Eye chakra
  • Remove any veils or obstructions that you currently have
  • Work with Merlin, The Intergalactic Council and the Unicorns to remove the final Veils of Amnesia from the planetary collective
  • Call in the Angels of higher peace and harmony for a global blessing

Please note that you will need a crystal for this recording!

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