Expand Your Mission with the Councils of Light – Part 2 – Zoom Online Workshop with Diana Cooper and Tim Whild

Workshop Recording

About this recording

Every person to incarnate has a golden thread to their heart which links them back to their planet of origin. The memory of this is dissolved when you go through the Veils of Amnesia.  However, at last the Veils are being pulled back, so that we can remember again.  You will activate your golden thread so that you can connect to your planet of origin and restore your feeling of belonging with the sense of alignment this brings.

You will also visit the great Masters of Saturn, Lyra, Venus, Andromeda and Arcturus to receive downloads from these Wise Ones about your future and that of the new Golden Age on Earth.

During this workshop recording you will

  • Activate your golden thread to your planet of origin
  •  Renew your connection with your ‘home’
  • Meet the Masters of Saturn, Lyra, Venus, Andromeda and Arcturus
  • Receive downloads about the new Golden Age on Earth
  • Raise your frequency to expand your soul mission​

This is Part 2 of a two part Zoom workshop series. You can find out more about part 1 here.

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