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When Atlantis fell ten-thousand years ago it sent a shock wave across the entire planet. This trauma was imprinted into the DNA of every soul on Earth.

Many of us have carried this burden on our shoulders for every incarnation since, and during this Zoom session we are going to release this for ourselves and for everyone on this planet.

The purpose of this event will not be to re-visit this trauma but to release it from a point of observation. It will also be a massive work of service to alchemise as much of the old blueprint as possible as ‘disaster scenarios’ are no longer a part of the new 5D Matrix.

All of us will have been involved with the Atlantean Experiment in one way or another and we are now ready to move onwards, whilst retrieving the Atlantean knowledge which truly belongs to us!

This is going to be a beautiful and powerful healing space for anyone who wishes to join.

During this workshop you will –

  • Learn how to connect your energy to the Golden Era of Atlantis to bring back the information, gifts and codes that we placed away for ourselves
  • Release the trauma of the Fall and alchemise this blueprint for Earth and humankind
  • Work side by side with the Angels, Masters and Dragons of Atlantis
  • Visit and heal within the Atlantean Temple of Neptune
  • Create a connection to the Atlantean Master Blueprint and learn how this is working in harmony with the future of this planet

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