How to Make Prosperity Flow After Lockdown – Zoom Online Workshop with Diana Cooper and Tim Whild

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About this recording

Many people are living with changing and challenging circumstances due to the global lockdown that we are experiencing. Jobs and businesses that were once secure have become areas of uncertainty.

You were programmed to be abundant.  The only things that stop you from being prosperous are the beliefs you have assimilated from your ancestors and the collective unconscious. Lightworkers are now being called to clear their blocks to prosperity in order to provide for themselves and their families.

Because both Diana and Tim have worked through the fears and blockages on the pathway to self-mastery we will provide a clear channel as well as tools and information to enable you do the same!

This workshop will focus on clearing your old belief systems. You will receive a powerful jet-stream of energy from us as well as the angelic realms for this clearance. This will allow your true prosperity blueprint to be re-established. When this is reinstated it will automatically attract to you the finance to live plentifully.

This will also enable you to master your fifth-dimensional manifestation skills and put them to good use immediately.

During this workshop recording you will –

  • Learn about money and the Spiritual Laws that govern it
  • Work with the Archangels, Dragons and Unicorns to clear and tune your chakras so that they attract prosperity!
  • Receive a direct transmission from Diana and Tim to re-print your beliefs in abundance and self-worth
  • Help to establish the new prosperity paradigm on Earth.
  • Find out what the future holds for us as humans providing for ourselves in the Golden Age
  • Bring your favourite crystal! Everything is more powerful with crystals ?

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