Igniting the Great Crystal of Atlantis

19:00 - 20:30 CET
233 SEK

About this event

Zoom online event with Anna Indra Larsson, Tim Whild & Lovisa Alvtörn February 13, 2024, 7-8.30 pm CET


Clarion Call for Freedom, Peace and Oneness: Igniting the Great Crystal of Atlantis!


We are calling you, beautiful soul, to join us for this powerful event in service to planet Earth and all of humanity. Together in unity we break the spell of separation and division placed upon humanity at the fall of Atlantis.


In this event we will connect and work with the Great Crystal of Atlantis in the Temple of Poseidon, and receive guidance from the 12 High Priests and Priestesses of Golden Atlantis. Together with beloved Archangel Gabriel and Archaea Hope, they are holding us and guiding us in this work. All the Children of the future generations are joining us as well – they hold the Key to Freedom for humanity with their innocence, purity, joy, hope and trust in the future … in the New Golden Age.


This event is a continuation and an expansion of the work that was started in the Nordic Winter Ascension workshop that we held in Musiikitalo – Helsinki Music Centre in Finland in January.

We will be doing some powerful crystal and sound work in this event, building on the crystal grid for Peace, Oneness, Unity, Purity and Freedom that we activated there in our Temple of Sound.


Please bring your own crystal for this work and be prepared to feel the power of coming together and co-creating as Lightworkers in Unity.


In loving service,

Anna, Tim & Lovisa


Cost 233 SEK 21 € 18£


This event is done LIVE via Zoom. The recording link will be sent out to everyone so don’t worry if you can’t join live. The recording will be just as powerful!